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Rackspace New Dedicated Servers Like Cloud VMs

Do Rackspace's new dedicated servers behave just like cloud VMs?

Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (NYSE:RAX)
Company type: IT - managed cloud hosting
Parent Company: Delaware
Established in: 07-03-2000
No. of Employees: 6115
Company Portfolio: Integrated IT solutions which inlcudes private clouds, hybrid clouds and multi tenant public clouds, website hosting and collaboration, information services, web content management and e-commerce.
Provides advisory services for security and conformity, migration and DevOps automation, program appraisal and technology strategy. For its entire product portfolio provides managed services and fanatical support.
Business Across World: Sells services in more than 120 countries
Operational Offices: Operational offices are located throughout United States, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney and Mexico.
The Cloud is a wonderful thing that has happened to the technological world. It offers you of having all your data and information at your disposal, all the time, without carrying around any kind of storage device with you. Really incredible! But alas it is not a perfect world and Cloud technology too has its limitations. The problem with Cloud is that no one actually can have it all and you always have to share it. There comes the limitations. When more than one tenant share the cloud then the performance of the cloud does not remain consistent.

Rackspace introduces " Bare-Metal " Servers

When one needs the convenience of a cloud and does not want to share the resources and have no limitations, then what does one do? This is the question that almost all companies are paying attention to. They are trying their level best to find out a technology which will allow the user to have improved experience. It the same line, Rackspace has recently launched its Bare metal servers, OnMetal.

Why do we need Dedicated Servers?

When more than one user is there on the cloud it means that all the resources are being shared. The major problems with Cloud VMs is that due to sharing their capabilities become limited and their performance becomes irregular and cannot be easily predicted. There is a possibility that there will be un scheduled maintenance works which can lead to interruption of service. Thus sometimes Cloud VMs can be frustrating and dedicated server feels like a good option then.


When you are using the Cloud VM, everything stays fine , until your requirements grow. With increased requirements, it becomes difficult to stay on the cloud as the resources are shared. You are left with no other option but to move to collocation. This robs you of the flexibility that you enjoyed with the cloud VM. With Rackspace
Bare Metal dedicated servers of Rackspace what you get is the option of scalability with flexibility. An ideal solution for the problems that come along when you grow.

How do they work?

These bare metal dedicated servers, OnMetal by Rackspace are a combination of simplicity, flexibility and reliability. Their performance is superior to Cloud VMs and is certainly predictable. Also you get the benefit of paying by the minute. You will never face any problem regarding availability of resources. Also you will never miss the agility that you get with the cloud.

Cost Effective

When you opt for Bare Metal dedicated servers of Rackspace, you do not have to worry for taking up a monthly plan. You can take it for as long as you need it. And that makes it cost effective. Anybody can rent a dedicated server for whatever time period required, you just have to send in a request, a few clicks and you are good to go in no time as the set up also takes very little time.

Many different usage levels

All of us know that not all dedicated servers are used for similar types of workloads. Thus Rackspace has built some hardware which is optimized for specific needs. There are three different levels of servers and one can pick the most suited one according to his workload requirements. These servers are basically of three types as follows:
OnMetal Memory
OnMetal I/O
OnMetal Compute

Offering the Best of Both Worlds

The OnMetal Servers offered by Rackspace are a dream come true for all those who are looking for a technology that combines the benefits of cloud and collocation with dedicated servers' benefits. It is something to look forward to if you are not happy with just cloud VMs.

Cyscon's website Security Solutions

Cyscon's website Security Solutions: Cyscon SIRT TrustSeal!

  1. The rate at which cyber crime is increasing gives us a clear idea that website security need to be take very seriously.
  2. Many small companies shied away from having updated and fool-proof cyber security because of hefty charges involved. For them SIRT TrustSeal comes as a relief as it is cheap yet effective way of managing web security.
  3. If a website does not have proper security then it is possible that it is attacked and is displayed as some other website all together. This can result in black listing of the original website and this can be avoided by having web security measures in place.
  4. Cyber criminals all over the world are always looking out for websites that are not properly secured. If they find one then the website might get abused by phishing or there might be a malware download which will end up in wiping out the website itself. This can be avoided by having proper cyber security.
  5. The Cyscon TrustSeal ensures online safety and scans the servers for any sort of malware on a regular basis.
  6. If you are a website hosting company then you need to ensure that the websites hosted on your servers are never compromised. This can be done very effectively by using Cyscon TrustSeal which checks the system for any malicious code or malware and fixes it.
  7. One of the major threats to the online community and the internet is fake and bogus anti-virus products. Due to them any website can be at a risk without the owner of the website aware of it.
  8. Many major anti-virus companies have actually failed to curb their fakes and duplicates and this a very grave situation that poses massive amount of danger to the security of any website that depends upon a look alike of them.
  9. Cyscon claims that its product, TrustSeal can be totally trusted upon as it works with a number of trusted partners across the world.
  10. Many big companies are choosing Cyscon TrustSeal to ensure the safety of their websites as they find this product to be more safe and streamlined than others.

Canadian Web hosting Updates its Shared Hosting Servers

Canadian Web Hosting has announced that security of their shared hosting servers have upgraded by integrating BitNinja, which is a server security system for web hosting and cloud companies. Their shared servers will have a higher level of security with this upgradation on top-tier managed web application firewall (WAF) provides a powerful intrusion protection system (IPS).
Firewall of Canadian Web Hosting includes cutting-edge virtual patching and server hardening mechanism for customers unable to patch and update their websites, on regular basis want to get help for patching their site. This product is ideal for anyone that values reputation of their website and with outdated applications, security vulnerabilities or professional security anyone can't afford to get hacked or compromised, security.
Every hosting plan comes with inbuilt TippingPoint Prevention Intrusion System that allows clients to receive alerts immediately when critical threat is identified that could influence infrastructure of security. TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System of Canadian Web Hosting delivers most powerful network protection in world.

Why BitNinja is integrated by Canadian Web Hosting?

Another fool-proof layer is there. Major security vendors are offering individual security tools and protocols are gathered by BitNinja. These all are converted into single machine-learning server security system works with social defense network. Higher level of security will be given to customers by BitNinja.
Shared hosting clients of Canadian Web Hosting have also reliability and performance improvements with new upgrades to VMware platform. High I/O distributed storage are included in this platform.

Web Hosting Review Rackspace

Rackspace is managed cloud company which provides companies to tap power of cloud without pain of hiring experts in dozens of complicated technologies. Now company has increased more attention on cloud management services comparatively than infrastructure might expand to running applications on third-party clouds.
Company has agreement with users where it manipulates private cloud setups for them in on-premises data centers. Plan for open a new state-of-the-art data center in Crawley, near London.
In cloud infrastructure companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have more resources to invest. So, move towards services is analytical advancement for company that started with pure hosting offering.

Rackspace use single-tenant cloud networking to :-

  • Connect application or website to database
  • To set up site-to-site VPN.
  • Easy to manage through cloud control panel and powerful APIs.
Cloud networks are software defined offer complete control over architecture, network topology and IP addressing.
Company only provides managed solution offers user to tap power of the cloud strategic business objectives without cost and frustration. From e commerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud , specialists will support and architect all of user's cloud workloads 24*7.
With Rackspace get fast, scalable and fully managed MySQL database services in minutes.

Cloud database offers :-

  • On-demand provisioning and open API
  • Deploy MySQL ,MariaDB with minimal Effort.

Cloud database is available in all of global data centers and support by MySQL experts who can help user with tasks like:-

  • Replication
  • Backups
  • Migration
  • Indexing
  • Query Optimization

Advantages of Cloud servers :-

  • User need powerful and quick way to frequent monitor whole infrastructure and customizable level of detail which identify core issues for quick resolution. It helps to keep applications running fast .
  • Cloud backup protects business through protecting confidential files or application needs. Server quickly restore files after system failure or lost file.
  • Provides object storage for media and files and delivering them globally at blazing speeds over worldwide content delivery network. Store as many files as require.

Web Hosting Review has announced high speed SSD VPS servers availability in New York city which is its new data center. Servers will fulfill demand of system administrators, developers and small businesses built with modern features and taking advantage from fast, robust connections to New York International Internet Exchange. These all are seeking to install virtual private servers of high performance into heart of internet in Eastern United States and New York City.
With latest Intel Xeon Processors, fast DDR4 RAM and Enterprise Class RAID 10 Solid State Drives high performance servers of SSD-VPS are built. High specification servers of strategically located data center allow customers to offer responsive, fast websites and applications.
According to John Morris's statement, COO of UK2 Group is that their capabilities are built at newly launched data center. With highest performance specification servers will give perfect combination of strategic eastern US location. Most famous sizes provides more bandwidth, more disk space and more cores than competitor equivalents ensures money value also.
The new launch of SSD VPS servers is third among its 19 data center locations. These servers are available also in London and Salt Lake City. For 1GB server, prices start from $12 USD.

Features of SSD VPS Servers:

SSD Disks : Super fast: Local RAID, high reliability, super fast, Solid State Disks operating to 100,000 iOPS ensure to run applications fastly and users get data at lightening speed.
Free SSL : Security: At VPS.NET, security is at top priority would be available to clients at no cost, while SSL certificates may be charged by other hosting company. SEO rankings will be improved and confidential reliability is built while keeping information under lock and key.
99.9% SLA : Performance Guarantee
Providing reliable hosting with performance backed by SLA. If anyone is not able to gain 99.9% availability for SSD VPS servers in monthly period. Account will be credited of monthly bill with affected portion.
Many Templates
Many operating systems are available there through which user can customize VPS environment to fulfill their requirements.
Unique Performance
Real time performance data can be viewed directly from SolusVM control panel.
24x7 Support: Helping Hands
Technical support is there for 24x7x365 by expertise. Whether anyone has some problem and want some advice, experts will help by chat,email and phone.
Simple Control Panel
With easy use of control panel user can make control of VPS. Boot, Restart, Rebuild,backup and more things are provided by control panel.

Wordpress hosting

Wordpress is nowadays every persons need for their online business. And for fulfilling that we need to buy hosting from a reputed web hosting provider which has a good reputation in market and that provider should fulfill all the needs of customer. Evaluating customer needs before purchasing hosting can save you hundreds of dollars.

As we know that there are different types of WordPress hosting available including Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed. There is a term named as free web hosting which is nowadays common with every web hosting provider and those who say they provide free hosting, they do have some points or they have some protocols in there in hosting plans as through which they easily take out money from a customer. Often we can easily find that if we take free hosting from any website then they do ask to put their banner ads on the site. Some ask you to put a text link in the footer of your site.

As we know there is a rise in the users of wordpress and there are some web hosting providers who deal with managed wordpress hosting. The main plus point with managed wordpress hosting is that the customer need not to do anything manually, the hosting provider will do it by themselves.  


  CPANEL HOSTING consist of two words cpanel and hosting  where Cpanel is nothing  but a site configuration and management software  application, and hosting service is a type of internet web hosting service through which individuals or organizations can make their website or webpages accessible to others through internet . In short , we can say that cpanel hosting is a website which help an individual or organization to make their webpages available  to others.

It is establised at Ohio , USA .It owns and operates its own  server hardware and data centers with 24*7 professionals working to provide security to the server so that its clients can have best experiences of web hosting with them. It provide automatic, cheap and  commutative hosting services. What is cpanel ? In cpanel hosting , cpanel stands for control panel .It is UNIX based web hosting . Control panel provide graphical  user nterface (GUI) and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting or website management.  It was originally designed to speed up hosting by J NICK KOSTON. CPANEL  is a fully featured popular web based hosting account  control panel  that help you to manage your area  or domain and website hosting related daily tasks over to the hosting account owner instead of requesting help from help desk .This is done through a web browser.The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing  your website to you. You got the ability to manage all aspect of e-mail files, backup, FTP, etc without any external help and without doing any tedious programming. Cpanel along with  web host manager(WHM) combine to form a fully featured web hosting control panel system .

The cpanel  and WHM package allows you to manage every aspect of your server's web hosting needs through easy to use interfaces . FEATURES provided by CPANEL HOSTING are:- * no limit on web hosting. * no limit  on data transfer . *free domain name for life. *no limit on e-mail account. * no limit on MYSQL database. *host unlimited domain . NOTE:: Domain  name is unique for every user .It give the location of the client  to the server . It  act as login id for the user .Name of two user can be same, but domain name can't be same. Apart from  location it give other relevant information about the client. Various services of cpanel hosting are business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. The main AIM of cpanel  hosting  is to provide client with the transparent , secure and highly reliable  solution and all this at affordable price and allow them to manage their websites with ease.

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