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Personal Web Hosting

By choosing personal web page hosting services offered at cpwebhosting.net you can take all the advantages of simple and clear pricing policy along with advanced features and tools. Personal web hosting services mean: a hosting plan with the entire basic web hosting features at the most attractive price. It could be an ideal option to try personal website hosting from cpwebhosting.net. You can't go wrong by choosing our personal web site hosting plans as cpwebhosting.net is one of the most professional and reliable web hosting companies that is here to give the best fit to your specific requirements and needs.
From the small business owners to the individuals who search for a full functionality web hosting at the lowest price, we're doing our best to provide you with complex personal web page hosting solutions. Personal web hosting services are suitable for personal and small business clients who do not need so many features and can't afford to pay a fortune for web hosting services. When it comes to the entry-level hosting needs, personal web site hosting packages are designed to host small sites and static web pages. Cpwebhosting.net specializes in delivering the most outstanding and quality personal web page hosting services
Our personal web hosting services let you take all the benefits of powerful, professionally managed servers at the lowest price and provide your website with a redundant connectivity, guaranteed uptime and experienced technical assistance. Don't miss a chance to choose personal website hosting plans from cpwebhosting.net to enjoy the best level of performance and reliability at the lowest market price.

Pros and cons of shared hosting

Shared web site hosting is such kind of providing space for web sites on the hosters server when you share this server with other customer's web sites. All web sites use the same software and operating system. But unlike free web hosting which has the same conditions, with shared web hosting you have much more benefits.
Shared web hosting can be divided into two subtypes:
Free Shared Hosting is the best choice for trying some new ideas and not paying for hosting. This type of web site hosting provides you with everything necessary for floating your site. Bandwidth and Disk Space is limited. This type of shared hosting may not ensure you with MySQL, PHP support. Web statistics is also poorly provided.
Paid Shared Hosting provides such necessary features, as multiply e-mail, MySQL, PHP are supported. You may use it if you want to host small business web site, intermediate or large professional site but don't need the whole server's space. Using shared hosting you get a good possibility to host your site on a powerful, well administrated server at a low monthly cost.
Now we can pick out pros and cons of shared hosting:
  • Low cost
  • Good server administration
  • Multiply e-mail, MySQL, PHP support
  • You don't need some unique knowledge in web site and server administration
  • Low security level
  • Resource limitation -everybody uses the same memory, CPU and Hard Drive.
  • You can use only the software which is provided with your web hosting company, and correspondingly you can't install your own.
  • Some available ports and connections can be limited because of security policy.
The main feature of shared hosting is that you don't need to worry about possible server problems. Your hosting company's support service is to fix all troubles. So, when choosing shared hosting you must carefully look at company support's quality, the better quality of support - the better conditions for your site.

E-mail web hosting services

If your web site goes down, you lose revenue. If your site performs too slowly, customers will go somewhere else. And to make sure that it does not happen you have to choose a web hosting company that provides you the most reliable web hosting services. Enhanced business communications have an important role to play with regards to the success of your business website.
You can increase your company\'s productivity and professionalism while making use of world-class business emails. There are specific email web hosting services offered by cpwebhosting.net
The specialized e-mail web hosting services provided by the professional webs hosting company cpwebhosting.net offer you the following advantages with your e-mails:
  • Email address that match your domain name
  • Full-featured email program that can serve your entire staff
  • E –mail hosting service that provides access to your mail from anywhere using your favorite POP email client or IMAP
  • Web based access
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Sending and receiving large, business-size attachments
  • Detecting and deterring annoying junk email with Spam Guard
  • SMTP pop mails, web mail options and unlimited auto-responders.
  • Anti-virus mail filtering
What ever are the services offered by the web hosting companies, LIVE customer support is the most vital of it all. E-mail hosting services that are well fortified with virus scanning and have superior spam control helps you to have better web communication with your customers than the high end e-mail web hosting service that provides you multiple access option.
Cpwebhosting.net offers a wide range of email and list handling options, the best one can get anywhere. Along with the above mentioned email hosting services, Cpwebhosting.net also offers ‘Cpanel’ which is a client side control panel interface, that allows the reseller companies to easily control a web hosting account – add e-mail accounts, access their files, backup their files, setup a shopping cart, and more. And to top it all Cpanel has top of the line multiple visitor tracking software which you can choose based on your convenience and need.<

Budget Web Hosting

Cpwebhosting help you in achieving all your online goals with the widest range of budget website hosting packages to choose from. Our budget web hosting plans were created to meet the needs of any businesses and individuals, from experts to beginners in hosting field and online business. Whether you are planning to start up your personal website, online store or your own web hosting business, cpwebhosting is here to offer you the most impressive range of full-featured and high quality reseller and shared hosting packages.
Are you looking for budget web hosting provider without any compromise on quality, reliability and support? Have you come into some difficulties while searching for budget web site hosting to meet all your specific requirements? From the company that needs to host multiple domains to an individual who is looking for full functionality at low price, cpwebhosting delivers you an outstanding quality budget web hosting services with an unexampled value. Our mission is to make web hosting affordable while providing our customers with an excellent support, fast and reliable hosting network and 99% uptime guarantee.
Cpwebhosting.net is a budget web hosting provider for businesses and individuals that look for full-featured shared and reseller hosting with industry-leading support and the comprehensive range of tools and resources. Would you like to find budget web site hosting for small to medium-sized businesses and personal websites? Are you going to create hosting packages with your own brand and price by choosing reseller budget web hosting services? Cpwebhosting.net as professional and experienced budget web hosting provider provides you with more flexibility to create your own web hosting plans with the features you want and find the most cost-effective hosting solution to run your personal website.
Cpwebhosting is proud to offer you the comprehensive range of budget web hosting services that are dedicated to help you in achieving all your online goals and objectives.

What are Web Hosting Services?

The Web hosting service has a large server or multiple servers that allow them space on the web, and they rent this space to clients who use it to park their domain names on the World Wide Web so that Internet surfers can access them.
Who Can Use Web Hosting Services?
Anyone can use a web hosting service if they can pay the monthly fee and have a domain name. The domain name provides the URL that people will type into their Internet web browser to be directed to your site. You will have to pay to register your domain name, although some web hosting services may offer free domain name registration as part of a promotion to give you incentive to use their service. If you cannot afford the monthly fee, there are free web hosting services. There tend to be serious limitations on how you can operate your website with a free service, and many people find it necessary to upgrade to a paid service if they continue their website for an extended length of time. Another option may be shared web hosting, where a number of people agree to operate their websites off the same server and costs are shared.
What Should One Look for in a Web Hosting Service?
Price may be your first consideration, although many web hosting services, especially for personal websites, are quite affordable, only a few dollars a month in some cases. You will be looking out for storage space size and bandwidth size. These measurements, usually calculated in gigabytes, will tell you how much information in files you can store on your website and how much data your visitors can access per month, respectively. You should be able to make a rough estimation of how much storage space you will need and how much bandwidth you will require while you are planning your website

Email Spam Management based Web hosting

E-mail spam management capabilities of Web hosting company is one of the most important deciding factor that one should look at before he chooses to partner or decides to host his website with a hosting company.
It is needless to say that e-mail has become an essential need of any business in today’s time. Efficient e-mail systems is something which is not a luxury but a necessity. At cpwebhosting we have a dedicated team for e-mail spam management, which works dedicatedly on identifying spam and ensuring that your mailbox has a good percentage (upto 90%) of valid e-mails.
Spam Filtering and Email Management
With our continued effort and research work, we have put together a state of the art e-mail spam filtering algorithms. We have built up a 3 tier spam filtering system which promises to keep unwanted e-mails out of your inbox.
The retired spam filtering system works at three different layers:
  • Email Virus Filtering with updated virus database
  • Spam Identification through various spam filters
  • advanced filters for identifying unwanted e-mails
Apart from this we also give the users to train their inbox, via a Web-based control panel from where they can create their own white-lists and blacklists to avoid spam.
If you are looking for a hosting company that can deliver an efficient e-mail system Cpwebhosting.net promises to give you one of the best spam management.

A professional web hosting company

A professional Web hosting company is one which can boast of an expert team of server administrators.
To ensure that your website is always up and running it is important that you evaluate your hosting company before to finally decide to join hands. A company that has an online presence and the website is a part of the business process; it becomes all the more important for them to have a stable hosting platform. Here is a quick look into a bunch of questions and answers to which can help you evaluate the hosting company.
Common features of professional hosting company:
  • It is important that your hosting company should have a very good support system; a 24 *7 support is what you're looking at.
  • The technical team should be competent enough to resolve any hosting related issues as quickly as possible.
  • One should also enquired into the infrastructure of the data centers where the servers of the hosting company are located
  • The network or the cluster of the hosting company should have the redundancy to insure zero downtime.
  • It is needless to say that e-mail a very important aspect of any online business, so it is important to look into the various aspects of e-mail management systems in terms of virus protection spam filtering etc.
A professional hosting company is one which is dedicated to its clients and is available when needed.Cpwebhosting provides you all the features of a professional web hosting companies. Cpwebhosting is offering professional Web hosting services to its clients worldwide since 1996 and has a list of satisfied customers to its credit.