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game server provider

Most computer game enthusiasts are hooked onto online gaming. Many popular games can be played online with friends or even unknown gamers on the net. The online gaming experience is an entirely different one and most gamers love it. A great internet gaming experience requires great game servers.

The gaming servers work just like your average web server. Just that, instead of hosting websites, these special servers hosts computer games that users can join and play. The crucial information related to gaming, like the scores and the rules of the game are in the server and are accessed from there as well. The gamers just log on and play the game that attracts them most.

Even an individual can host a server on his very own computer and play online games. However, such connections can support only a few players and are generally quite slow. If you want a complete online multi player gaming experience, you need to go for bigger gaming servers. These server providers have great speed and at the same time, are loaded with advanced hardware. This makes these gaming servers capable of hosting gaming servers of any size.

The games that rate the highest on the popularity charts are the Battlefield series, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty. Most gaming servers provide web hosting, free oral communication and also free support. The amount that you have to pay for playing online multi player games depend upon the server and the game you play. Generally, the cost is around $2 for each player. Sometimes, keen gamers make a team and then share the cost of the server. In fact, there are some ardent gamers who dish out the entire amount from their pockets! The gaming servers are usually free but there are certain private servers that demand passwords.

The great gaming servers are a blessing for all game lovers around the world. The players can play against each other and not virtual opponents, as in single player games. This has resulted in the considerable booming in the game server market.

Be a Web Hosting Provider

If you are thinking of becoming a web hosting provider, there are some basic things to know which are required to become a web hosting provider. 

First of all, you'll need a server which has enough space to host at least a few websites and their contents. You'll also need to have enough bandwidth to support your clients' visitors. Also, you'll need to provide some additional services like email accounts, customer support, etc, to compete with another web hosting provider.
The important factor in being a web hosting provider is to have enough disk space to support many web sites. You must also plan the type of clients you would get. If your clients are individuals or small business holders then you'll not require high storage but, if your clients host large business sites then you need huge space. You also need to have attractive features to get good clients.

As a web hosting provider you need to also think about electronic payment system for you clients. They should be able to receive and send payments electronically through their website. Paypal is the best option. You'll also need to provide a shopping cart for your clients with online business. You need to do all these to be a good web hosting provider.

There are other aspects in being a web hosting provider is operating systems. You may support operating systems like UNIX, LINUX if you are planning to host sites built in PHP, etc. Microsoft would be better for ASP. For e-commerce the former is much better.
This may seem very tough but trust me a web hosting provider is ascertained by certain basic features. The size and speed of your server, the additional features you provide, etc, are very important. You need to provide all the services that your customer needs. Do all these things wisely with dedication and take my words, you'll be a very successful web hosting provider.

Back To School Web Hosting

With the starting of the schools there is also a new starting for web hosts because many hosting companies plan special fall campaigns designed for these small business startups. 

But lately there has been another wave around this time of year and it comes as specialized hosting packages for students and parents. Increasingly we are seeing websites for bloggers, online photos, resumes, family forums, podcasting, and web cams. This variety of new technologies has spawned a larger need for web hosting. Someone has to host all of this content and information. And in some cases like web cameras, photos, and podcasting the hosting needs are pretty large.

After the blogging the thing which comes is called podcasting This is the art of taking a blog to the spoken level. People can record whatever they want and upload it to a pod casting website for the whole world to hear.

The next step is after step up from blogging and podcasting your thoughts and voice, is actually filming yourself. Web cams are finding their way in to all sorts of places and the back to school season seems to spur an extra boost. Web cams are being used by schools to allow parents to view their child, they are being used around campuses and neighborhoods for security, and also by parents and children separated by distance to see each other.
This can make a complete web school based hosting.

Windows Web Hosting Provider

The company cpwebhosting have various offers related to windows hosting and the cpwebhosting is the leading Windows hosting provider, we offer our respected clients the most affordable and secure Windows web hosting plans. Take advantage of our unique offer and sign up for the professional and low cost web hosting package.

Actually the company have solutions for all kind of business owners whether they are big or small or self-employed so who are searching for the affordable and quality Windows website hosting packages. We as the best Windows hosting provider guarantee you the professional and low cost Windows server hosting solutions.

Now a days security is the main ingredient for any kind of faithful service apart of this searching for the balance between features, security and value we at cpwebhosting have designed our secure and cheap Windows server hosting plans. Rely on the professional Windows hosting provider- cpwebhosting and grow your business securely and firmly.

So choosing cpwebhosting can be a better option for you.

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Identify With Your Domain Name

Choosing a better domain name is a better option because when choosing a domain name the name, or URL, can have an impact in both the online and offline marketing of your web-site. Long or difficult to spell domain names can make people ignore your web site and it has to be pretty good for them to stick with it.

Obtain a domain name that will help you in your marketing niche and strategy. Like I stated before, you can use your business name as your URL. If your business name is already taken by someone else then get a URL name close to what you are doing. Purchasing a business name domain name isn't the only way to go, and when a keyword domain name could do just fine.

We should also consider our brand name because it put your domain name on your letterhead, business card, printed materials; put it on your phone recording, the side of your car; don't forget to include it with your email.
Through this scene we can hope for a better domain name.

What is a Domain Name and Why Would I Want One

What is a Domain Name?
Before we can go into what a domain name is I'm going to tell you why we need them as the answers compliment each other. The Internet is just a really big collection of connected computers (a network). For the purpose of explaining domain names you can think of the Internet a bit like the phone system and just like the phone system every computer on the Internet has it's own phone number except an Internet phone number is called an IP addresses. This address is made up of up to 12 digits in the form, computers use these IP addresses to send information to each other over the Internet.
cpwebhosting is the trustworthy domain name web hosting provider that takes your business seriously. Go with the most trusted, reliable and professional domain hosting provider; choose cpwebhosting for your entire hosting needs!
Are you searching for affordable Linux hosting for your business?
At cpwebhosting, we have available Linux domain web hosting packages that are secure and affordable. cpwebhosting provides you with the best Linux hosting plans that will fit all your needs. Take advantage of our complete and reliable Linux hosting solutions.

Reselling Domain Names

Becoming a domain name registrar as a reseller is a great solution for webmasters who registers many domains, and a great money making opportunity for anyone on the Web. Here's how reselling domain names works and where to sign up to be one.
How Reselling Domain Names Works:
The domain name registrars offers reseller programs to any individual or business who wishes to sign up. If their request is granted an access then they register domains according to the register norms and might sell it to customers again. Even though the buyer pays the reseller and may even access the domain name control panel at the reseller's site, the domain name is actually registered with the reseller's parent registrar and all the business transactions is in hands of registrars only. Normally the initial registrar will still take care of all services like registration and customer support.
Driving Down Prices:
Well a Reseller can provide discounts also on registering Domains with registrar. He can then provide any fruitful offers to its customers with this earning.Domain resellers have become very successful by offering these lower prices, and the competition among resellers has driven the price of domain names down from over $35 to as low as $9.95 and still dropping!

Adding Domain Name

Well it always come with an issue as how to add domain names (DNS) for customers of reseller hosting.Now adding domain names with is very easy. All you have to do,to add new domain names to offer third level hosting, go to your control panel, select DNS Manager in the E.Manager menu, and create new DNS zones. Make sure to register these DNS zones with registration companies, such as InterNIC or OpenSRS. Each new DNS zone will be the domain name you will offer your customers. Also, we recommend that you create service domains in each of these DNS zones.
For any other assistance you may contact without worrying to for guranteed solutions.

Web Domain Hosting

In this day and age, you would instantly be left behind if you didn't have a presence on the World Wide Web. Domain Hosting is just one of those tailor-made services that CPWeb Hosting has to offer and just like all our other services, every aspect of our Web Domain Hosting packages has been tweaked and tuned to help you start, expand and make money out of your business. Sure, there are free web domain hosting services out there and you could be wondering if they met with your purposes.
It won't.
In the long run, having a professional web domain hosting services will give your company or business a chance to grow. It will give you more control over your web content, the image that you need to project to your customers.
Looking for reliable web domain hosting services is like finding a home – except that this time, it is for your business. When it flourishes in the future, you want to know that the web domain hosting company is capable of adjusting to your needs. The staff and people behind the web domain hosting company needs to be staunch about the quality of their services – not just sing praises and promises one moment and then point to an obscure hidden small print text on a document that has never been presented to you before that.
Make the right choice – CP Web Hosting is ready to take you to your intended digital realm.

Hosting Options for an Ecommerce Web Site

Looking for a ecommerce site is a nice option if your business needed it so features and support vary by program and can include options such as search engine placement, credit card processing, and advertising. These tend to be template services, however, with less flexibility than a custom site. Familiarize yourself with the current offerings in this area before making a final decision.

If you have a business that is too large for or has outgrown the smaller storefront services, you may want to consider the more costly - but also more flexible - custom site. For the added cost you can have a unique site, receive greater support, and handle more traffic. You have the options of hiring the same company to design and host your site or using separate design and hosting services.

The customers also tells the real standard of the company so to evaluate the company hosting service, contact current customers and ask how pleased they are with the service. Find out how often the server is down and ask about help desk responsiveness. Then you can opt the host.

special feature Blogs Hosting

Cpwebhosting provides free services such as free email accounts, free web pages and much more also offer free blogs for their customers. Blogs are an essential marketing tool especially for small businesses. A blog is like offering a kid free candy.

A blog is simple to create. This allows business owners to add content with minutes. Your web hosting provider doesn't have to upload (FTP) files you can even update your content from your computer, a friend's computer and even the computer at your local Internet caf' or anywhere that has Internet access.

A blog database is simple to use and you can alter the appearance, theme or template of your blog without moving your content. Remember, when testing design patterns and colors, make sure that you choose colors that compliment your business and colors that will appeal to your potential customers that visit your web site.

With blogs, you can create RSS feeds. This means that every time you post information to your blog it will create a RSS feed automatically. RSS feeds will automatically notify larger sites that carry these feeds and make them available for syndication. This will quickly attract many users. Cpwebhosting offers you a blog features at free of cost.

Website page rank

 website page rank

This is a normal question for Everyone That "Is website Page Rank Important Or Not ?"

Basically a website page rank is created by working on the important pages of your website and how many times that page is visited by the users and what all kind of links you provide to that page. website Page rank is actually judged by the number of incoming links on the page. Page rank is basically a value given to that web page. The page rank is given out of 10 that mean if a page is ranked good and is searched by many users then its rank will be 1/10.
website page rank is displayed as a green bar to the left of the webpage in the Google directory. The basic factor behind page rank is the keyword. If your keywords are rare and unique then your page rank doesn’t matter and if your keywords are in the competition the page rank becomes an important part as that you have to compete with the rest of the sites that use the similar type of keywords.

There are two types of website page rank :

First is the rank which sits in the algorithm on the Google. And the second is the visible page rank which is what we can see in the browsers on the toolbar or by using a widget in your browser.
The visible page rank is not updated oftenly for rankings and is just a snapshot. Suppose you have a page rank of 4 which were made few months ago but the now Google has stopped updating the ranks oftenly and the ranks are updated within a period of long time. Google says that the visible page rank is now updated only a couple of times a year.
But most of the people are focused on their website rank which is probably not an issue. If your website page rank has dropped but the customers have risen up then page rank does not matter in that case. The website page rank does not matter a lot the page owners because if there sales are rising up and the rank is not good then who cares about the page rank of that web page.

Website Page Rank

The importance of inbound links is known to everyone. As the number of links in the website increases, the performance of the website will becomes much better in the search engine ranking. For example, if you place the website to the competition, and everything on the page (metatags and keywords) are the same, and then the website with the most inbound links would rank higher. The above stated theory is termed as link popularity. What most people are not aware of is that some websites make for better link partners than others. A system which measures the link value of any webpage is called Website Page Rank.
Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns weight or a value to web pages. The algorithm is used in determining the authority and relevance of a webpage for search engine results. Basically the higher the Page Rank, the better the search engine ranking.
So having higher Website Page Rank linking to lower Website Page Rank will benefit the lower Website Page Rank, but not necessarily detract from the higher Website Page Rank. The criteria for determining Website search engine Page Rank is different for every engine, but all engines share several commonalities. Thus tailoring the website for getting improved Website Search Engine Page Rank is termed as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Page Rank was developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank is a number between 0 and 10 that a web page receives from Google. As it is the intellectual property of google so there is no need to apply, buy or rent it. Having a higher Page Rank than your competitor’s PageRank is what defines a “good” Page Rank, regardless of its absolute value.
Google Page rank is based on backlinks. The more quality backlinks the higher Google Page Rank.
If a page rank of 4 is compared to page rank of 3 then page rank of 4 is five times more valuable than page rank of 3.Similarly, page rank of 5 is five times more valuable than page rank of 4. There is no “good” or “bad” Page Rank in an absolute sense. The page must be at least equal our competitors’ Page Ranks. For selling shoes online, a PageRank of 2 can be enough if the corresponding competitors’ Page Ranks are lower. Higher is always good, of course, but the value of PageRank can be determined by its corresponding competitors’ Page Ranks.
Google uses its indexes to find and display the most relevant pages. The relevancy of a page is called its "PageRank," and Google calculates PageRank in a number of ways. For getting the site to the top of Google search results Understanding PageRank proves to be very helpful.
Web Workshop, a Search-Engine Optimization resource, explains the calculations that Google uses to calculate PageRank. It's a complex formula, but the basics can be simmered down to this: When another site links to our site, that site is basically casting a vote for our keywords. When someone types "cat medicine" into Google, Google looks at the meta tags and body content of all the websites in its index and pulls out all the ones that match "cat medicine" exactly. It then looks at how many "votes" our site has from other sites. Lots of links equal lots of votes, and the number of outbound links from your site to those other sites are taken into account, too. Google crunches the numbers and creates a ranking, which it displays as the search results.

The Top Page Rank sites are-

  • HomePage Is PR9
  • HomePage Is PR9
  • HomePage Is PR9
  • HomePage Is PR9 (Worthless, blog comments all disabled)
  • HomePage Is PR9
  • HomePage Is PR8 (Blog comment enabled, don't have to register)
  • HomePage Is PR8
  • HomePage Is PR8
  • HomePage Is PR8
The List of Top Page Rank Sites which is mentioned above reveals that the blogs behind the website can easily be found by such a list of Top Page Rank sites.
Thus, Website Page Rank determined the relevance of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data.

Authentic Web hosting

What you expect from your web host? Affordability, authenticity, cheap and reliable web hosting. These are the prime pillars on which any web hosting stands. In any online business, web hosting is something which plays an important role and also provides the platform for your business. Your Website is your identity on internet, which not only creates your brand image but ensures that you are an authentic seller. Thus, it is very difficult to select the host that is experienced, and also provides you with reliable technical infrastructure. is one of the leading company, offering the best and reliable web hosting for your business, so that it will not only prosper but also yield maximum benefits. Having years of hosting experience, makes sure that it provides authentic web hosting so that your website is never down and always running with high level performance. provides reliable web hosting with superior hardware and excellent infrastructure. Thus, it becomes obvious for you to hire a web host, having a proven track record of unparalleled tech support, while providing cheap and reliable web hosting. also provides Linux based servers for hosting, which are not only affordable but also reliable. It also employs multiple, high-speed fiber connections to reduce downtime. has been in business for a very long time and provides quality cheap web hosting services. It supports thousands of domain names worldwide. According to the technical experts, web terrain is very rugged and to protect your domain name and your web site, makes sure that it is well guarded.
To provide safe and reliable web hosting,'s web hosting servers are protected from DoS attacks and above all its web hosting data center is well beyond the industry's standard for safety and incursion protection. Thus, it excels in providing quality and reliable web hosting. If you are a start up business and looking for a reliable web hosting, then is there for you and at an affordable price. Hence, this is the time to give your business a new and reliable platform so that it never shakes.
Therefore for more information on reliable web hosting, cheap web hosting package, affordable web hosting services, best web hosting, low cost web hosting services, hosting service and Linux dedicated web hosting please visit

Myths of Web Hosting

The internet is full of web hosting offers but many popular hosts are using unscrupulous advertising to mislead their customers and set them up for problems. If you are looking for a host for your web site the biggest hosting myths and how to avoid common mistakes. 

Myth 1: Unlimited bandwidth will solve everything

Bandwidth is the amount of information sent out to people on the internet; the more traffic your web site gets the more bandwidth it uses. Bandwidth costs money, so how much you pay for hosting depends on how much traffic you need to handle.
Your web page files are stored on a special computer called a server, which sends information out over the internet. Like all computers, the server has limits; it can only handle a certain amount of work. Give it too much traffic to handle and it will slow down and become unreliable.

Your actual maximum bandwidth might be quite low indeed. You'll be sharing your server with many other accounts. If your account starts using too many resources, it's very likely that you'll be suspended or forced to upgrade to a much more expensive plan. So much for "unlimited" hosting!

Since offering unlimited bandwidth hosting is such a blatant misrepresentation, it's not a good idea to use such hosts, regardless of how much traffic or disk space your site uses. If their business model depends on deception, can you trust them with your web pages? Even if your own site is small, other customers on your server may try to take advantage of the supposedly unlimited bandwidth and cause problems.

Targeted Customers for Business Websites

Big question is that how to reach targeted mass audience through Internet Technology than to reach large number of audience?

How to find out the customer base for a website?

Website is a mechanism to effectively reach individuals on a large scale. Reaching audiences on a large scale is good for business branding as it provides operating and marketing efficiency.
Optimized websites can bring targeted online customers and there is no limitation of messages that could be granted.
Home page provides thematic content on its own right.

All Types Of Web Hosting Services

cpwebhosting is no ordinary web host and we like to get straight to the point. We're management owned and operated; our owners are involved in the day-to-day running of the business.
Our servers are fast and reliable; we use the latest technology and only the best hardware to produce the best platform for your website.
Our prices are affordable for individuals and businesses alike. We never raise prices for existing customers, instead we offer existing customers upgrades to the new packages we release once a year at no cost.
Our customer service is second to none. 24x7 helpdesk support, 24x7 live chat support, 24x7 forum access and 9-5 phone support mean that getting assistance is not a problem with Cpwebhosting
Budget Web Hosting
* What is budget hosting?
Budget web hosting (also known as shared web hosting, virtual hosting) is designed for home and small business users who need a lot of disk space/bandwidth at an entry level price point. Our budget web hosting plans are packed with featured and offer excellent value for money. Although we label our plans as a budget offering, these often offer more in features, value and performance than many of our competitor's business hosting offerings. Why buy a budget hosting plan?
If you need an affordable hosting plan for your website, a budget web hosting plan is probably the best option. Our budget web hosting plans offer an incredible amount of features without compromising on quality.
What are the benefits of a Web Hosting Buzz budget hosting account?
To summarize, you get a fully e-commerce ready web hosting plan with generous amounts of disk space and bandwidth, hundreds of features and excellent performance, uptime and customer service.
Reseller Web Hosting
* What is Reseller Web Hosting?
Reseller hosting (or reseller web hosting) is the term used for hosting plans that allow you to host unlimited domains / websites. Generally, people either resell plans to their own customers or just use a reseller plan to host their own multiple websites. cpwebhosting allows you to do either with all of our reseller hosting plans.
* Why buy Reseller Hosting Package?
If you have a multiple websites, either just your own or including customers, reseller hosting allows you to easily organize and manage all of these websites.
cpwebhosting's reseller hosting plans come with a reseller control panel, that will list each of the websites hosted under your account. It allows you to add more websites, delete existing websites or edit the existing websites. On top of this, each website/account that you create comes with it's own fully featured cPanel login.
* cpwebhosting and Reseller Web Hosting cpwebhosting are reseller experts.
Back in the day, we started off with our business with a reseller plan ourselves so we know exactly what customers expect. We've put all of our experience as a reseller hosting customer into our own reseller hosting plans.
What are the benefits of a cpwebhosting reseller hosting account?
Our reseller hosting plans are affordable and feature packed. Whether you're looking to easily manage your own websites under one roof, or sell hosting to your customers, our plans allow you to do this. Extra bonuses such as free billing software, free domain registration and support for unlimited website coupled with our fantastic support and customer service put us as the leader of the pack.
Dedicated Server Hosting:
A dedicated server (or dedicated web hosting) is where you have a full server just for you and your websites. Dedicated servers offer unbeatable levels of performance and customization because you are not sharing the server with anyone else.
Typical dedicated server customers usually either have a large network of sites or some hugely popular websites that would demand too many resources from a shared web hosting plan. Dedicated servers are also often used when significant customization or extra security is needed.

Tips To Find A Web Host

If you are planning to search a new host then some tips can help you to make you in a secure side for a hosting view Use search engines. Search on Google and Yahoo using keywords such as 'cp web hosting (i.e control panel web hosting) .' Carefully going through the results will give you an accurate idea of the web hosting options available. Some may say that the web hosts ranked the highest are clearly the best, but this is not always true. Taking the time to look at a large number of the results will give you an ample group of web hosts to compare.

You should consider the nature of your site so if you plan to have a great number of large files hosted on your site, then you want a web host that gives you ample amounts of space. Bandwidth should also be taken into consideration.

You should also consider the price also because the general amount of money you are willing to spend will save you a great amount of time. If a certain web host is simply too expensive, then you move on to the next one with no issues.
This way you can select a perfect host.

Setup a merchant account now and start Accepting Credit Card

Do you know the value of accepting credit cards? If so you can setup your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards and bank ATM Debit cards, at the lowest possible cost.
There are many reasons to be able to accept credit cards. A few of them are:
  1. Obtain Credibility-People will feel more comfortable doing business with you if you accept VISA/MC.Everyone assumes that only established companies can accept credit cards.
  2. Impulse Purchases-Impulse sales are the lifeblood of any business. By accepting credit cards you make it realistic for anyone to buy from you today!
  3. Customer Convenience-It's more convenient than checks!
  4. Increased Working Capital-You can have access to your money within 24 - 48 hours after the purchase!
A few reasons to let us be your merchant account provider are:
  1. No Monthly Minimums!
  2. No Setup Fees!
  3. Some of the lowest discount rates in the industry!
  4. Easy approval process.
Secure must watch out for guarantee personal service, industry merchant account expertise, and your complete customer satisfaction. Don't lose another sale because you don't accept credit cards!
All you need to do is fill out online application and everything will be taken care of for you. We will setup your merchant account, payment gateway and integrate them to your website.

Tips When Switching Web Hosts

The new hosting plan which you are going to choose should fulfill all of your requirements whether it should be cheap or expensive be sure the new web hosting plan you've chosen offers you the storage capabilities to handle all of your current website storage requirements. If your website is 50MB, you need to make sure your new hosting plan offers that much space, or more.

The storage space is also make sense because you should find out what your current and new host includes in your plan's storage amount. Are your emails and log files counted towards your total storage, or just your web files?

In other hand your operating system is also plays an important role because sometimes this can make no difference, in other cases it can make the difference between a working website and a broken website. If your site is currently on a Windows server and your website uses ASP scripting, you'll find it difficult to make things work well on a Unix server, as ASP is a Windows based programming language. Find out ahead of time whether your current hosting plan is on a UNIX or Windows server.
In this way you can host your site without any problem.

Benefits Of Hosting Websites Through

With thousands of beginners trying their hand at websites, it is certain that the market is becoming quite crowded. From music blogs to gossip communities and technological havens these online avenues can be a wonderful hobby for people who just want an audience. After all, who wouldn\'t want to be heard among thousands of visitors every day? For this reason alone, websites are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. While making a website is essential, the majority of beginners do not realize that web hosting is even more important.

Now with you can host unlimited websites for the price of one! Each website gets its own domain name (, email, and FTP. All features are managed through one simple control panel.

Consolidate your websites today and save money!
  • Host unlimited websites for the price of only one!
  • Each website can have its own domain name (ex.
  • Web-based email for each website you host.
  • Lots of disk space and bandwidth to use as your website grows.
  • Website design software included at no extra charge.

Web Hosting Service Provider is a web hosting provider with the same mission as its peers, to provide reliable technology and excellent customer service in order to get and keep more customers in the web hosting market. guarantees both satisfaction and 99.9% uptime. Cpwebhosting aims to utilize their extensive marketing and promotional experience in conjunction with their superior technological advances and modern equipment in order to provide their customers with the best web hosting available on the market.

Cpwebhosting utilizes state-of-the-art and up-to-the-minute Dell Power Edge technology. Cpwebhosting is having multiple 'redundant' OC3 and DS3 connections utilizing Bell/Group Telecom and BigPipe, making their technology on the level of a major web hosting provider. Cpwebhosting's philosophy is that they bring the expertise to their customers. Cpwebhosting believes that their customers need not have the technological expertise necessary to run their business, and cpwebhosting provides that expertise through their easy to use and understand web hosting services.

Cpwebhosting is having very affordable plans. Also, all of their webs hosting plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Cpwebhosting is confident that once their web hosting services are utilized, they will be hard to get rid of. also offers industry standard 24/7 monitoring as well as excellent customer support, available via phone, fax or email. Cpwebhosting is dedicated to making sure their customers receive the cutting edge in web hosting technology and always have a network that they can rely upon.
Cpwebhosting's extensive support portion of their website provides a multitude of customer fueled help options including an FAQ section, a Glossary of terms, a Knowledgebase, a Troubleshooting section and other resources such as files, documentation and links. You can also opt to 'open a ticket' with cpwebhosting instead of contacting a customer service representative directly.

Choosing Web Hosting

There are few points you should consider while choosing web hosting:
  • Money Back Guarantee - Cpwebhosting provides you a 30-Day money back guarantee so that you can try our service risk free. Always look for this option so you don\'t get stuck with a service you\'re unhappy with.
  • Storage Space - This is the amount of room you will have for your site. Of course, you don\'t want to pay for room you don\'t need, but you also want room to grow. If you\'ve a small site in mind 10-15 MB should be sufficient to begin with.
  • Bandwidth/Data Transfer - Data transfer (bandwidth usage) refers to how much data/information is sent to or received from your hosting account on the server over a specified period of time. Usually it is measured monthly. More the visitors to your site, more bandwidth you\'ll require.
  • Site Speed - This is very important factor while considering a hosting service. This will decide how fast your site loads when some one visits your site. Online surfers are extremely busy, so you need a fast server.
  • Customer Service - You strive to provide exceptional service and you should expect nothing less from your web hosting company. Look for multiple methods of receiving service, such as a toll-free phone number or live chat. You may also want to consider testing their response time in advance.
  • Uptime Guarantee - Your web site is like your store. If your store is closed, you aren\'t making any money. The same is true if your web site is down. You should only choose a plan that provides at least a 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Cost - Price should also be a deciding factor. Cheaper is not always better, but there are reasonable rates for quality hosting available if you do your research.
    Also, as far as possible, try to choose a hosting company that allows easy upgrade/downgrade between plans. This way you can trim down your costs to the maximum.

Overselling Web Hosting

Overselling is a big trend in the web-hosting world at the moment. It's an easy way to get more out of your servers than normally is possible. The basic idea of overselling is that the majority of your clients are only going to use a fraction of the resources allocated to them so there's going to be a lot of wasted bandwidth and space. Overselling involves taking a gamble and selling more than you can handle assuming that the unused resources will cover it.

Overselling however, keeps prices at low rates. If there would be no overselling, few of us would have phones and those who would have, would pay some hefty fees to use them.

Even the bandwidth providers oversell. My point so far is that overselling is not necessarily a good thing, but it's not necessarily bad either. The only problem is that is has to be done right, with careful planning. Tough regulations govern some of the industries where overselling is the de facto rule, but that's not the case with hosts. Some think this is a good thing, some don't.

The advantage of overselling for the host is that they make more money off each server than they otherwise normally would be able to. The advantage for the client is that this extra revenue is usually transferred on (at least in theory) by cheaper hosting packages with more features. The problem is that these features are often 'smoke and mirrors'. A few users would be able to use their entire allotment without any trouble, but if every single client were to build their website up to maximum capacity the host wouldn't be able to handle the sudden increase in demand without adding extra hard drives, buying more bandwidth, or perhaps even another server. This would most likely lead to a fair amount of downtime.

Unlimited bandwidth claims get a lot of press, but the real danger lurks in the practice of overselling bandwidth. Like the man behind the curtain, overselling is the cause of real problems but is frequently overlooked because of the attention devoted to the front man.

Overselling is the practice of selling your customers more bandwidth than you actually have. It's the same practice airlines use when booking seats, though if you were to extend the analogy it would result in airplanes that crashed because they were to full.
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Cheap Hosting Choose Right Company

Getting a cheap web hosting is depends upon the business way and the type of site and you need to clearly outline your own requirements to the web hosting company, if you do not do so you are at fault and not in any position to point the finger at others. If you make a list of requirements such as particular files you need etc you can send your requirements to multiple hosting companies and see who comes back with the greater service.

You can select the hosts according to your needs means there is no need to choose a common host for all of your work If you have more than one web site to host such as affiliate marketers it is not a good idea to put all your sites with the one web host company server to start with, you need to be 100% confident with the service, so start with one web site first as a test. Remember if you do host all your websites with one host company, all it takes is one problem to bring all your sites down and could result in lose of revenue for you. At least if you have some web sites hosted by another company they will still be online.

So according to your demand you can select a host, that whether this will be cheap or affordable.

Best Website Hosting

Searching a website host is now is not a big deal but you have to just look for some features in a host also if you have an online business that you are looking for hosting for, it's important to find a web host that has 99% uptime. If you have a business that's making about $100 or more a day in sales, it's a big deal if your host is down for even a few hours.

As a business person the time is money for you and money is precious for you so an important factor when looking for a web host online is price, of course. However, I wouldn't be as concerned about price as I would about reliability. There are solid web hosting companies like Yahoo who are a little more pricey in their hosting, but yet, never have downtime. The cost of losing sales if your host goes down for a few hours can make the monthly cost you are paying for hosting look insignificant. Every company related hosting has its strategy of business most hosting companies will require you to pay for your hosting in a one year installment, which will be anywhere from $50-$150 or more, depending on which company you choose.

So you can select a better plan according to your requirement but thing is that it should be reliable and affordable.

PHP and its benefits

Php is basically a server side scripting language. It is a powerful tool for making interactive and dynamic web pages. Php scripts are executed on the server. Php is open source software and is free to download and use.

Php is platform independent software and is compatible with all the servers used today.
You can insert contents of one php file into another before the server executes it with the help of include() and require() functions. These two functions works in the same way but with a little bit of difference that while using include() function a warning is generated but the script continues its execution and whereas while using require() function it generates an error and the script stops.

In php we can also create cookie. A cookie is often used to identify a user. It is a small file that the server embeds on the user’s computer. Each time the same user requests a page it will send the cookie too. With the help of php we can create as well as retrieve cookie also.
Php also provides a session. The purpose of session is to make the computer know who you are. It knows when you start using the application and when you close it. It helps you to store the user information on the server for the later use. The information stored is only for temporary use and is deleted as soon as the user logs out of that site. It works by creating a unique id for each user. This unique id is stored in a cookie.
We can also send email from inside the script by simply using the mail() function.
For eg:
Mail (to, subject, message, headers, paramenters)
With the help of this you can also create a feedback form for your website.
Forms can also be created with the php. When the user fills the form and press the submit button the form data will be sent to the prescribed page to where it is linked. $_GET and $_POST are used to collect values from the form. Information sent using get is visible to everyone and is displayed in the browser’s address bar and is having a limit of words while when submitting the form by using post the information is invisible to others and has no limits on the amount of information sent.
So php is a very useful language for creating a interactive and dynamic websites.

Linux Hosting GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the popular and biggest hosting provider of websites, founded in 1997 and its center is located in Arizona. The company provides a variety of advanced website building tools for personal and small business owners. They resolve customer complaints and issues in an efficient manner. They offer reliable services to the customers including domain registration, SSL certificates, an online provider for small businesses and website building tools as well. Furthermore, their plans offer unlimited bandwidth and storage.
GoDaddy Linux Hosting
GoDaddy Linux web hosting is developed to serve small sized websites with traffic under 400-page analyses daily. Their budget-friendly hosting is very reliable and satisfied the customers. The beauty of this hosting is its 30 days money back guarantee and pro-rated money back policy. Godaddy offers to host multiple websites and domains on a single account. It comes with features like MySQL database, FTP account, file storage and email storage. Apart from this, they support SSH and PHP5 access.
GoDaddy Linux Based Hosting Plans
Ultimate- This ultimate package offer unlimited bandwidth, storage, websites, one year SSL certificate, up to 1000 email addresses, premium DNS. GoDaddy will provide double processing power and memory if you choose Ultimate plan package and cPanel with Linux.
GoDaddy Pro- Company offers hosting services to business owners with range of managed, fully and self-managed packages for Windows and Linux. This will include 1GB of RAM with 40GB of storage and 1TB bandwidth monthly for Linux and 8GB of RAM with 240GB of storage and 8TB bandwidth for Windows.
Godaddy cPanel
With all Linux hosting packages, cpanel is the most important account management software. Godaddy’s Windows plans use Plesk control panel. Through Cpanel, customer can execute simple things such as a change in email settings, do complicated tasks including editing, adding and deleting their GoDaddy cname record.
GoDaddy VPS Hosting
For managing online projects with high traffic need more control and power, company’s VPS hosting is the best. They provide 5 tiers of VPS hosting on both Windows and Linux platforms. Customers who use VPS, Godaddy offer managed services standard with their plans to perform patching, monitoring, and backups. Users can install PHO, server level proxy scripts and modules. Their Linux plans run cPanel, and Windows plans use Plesk.
VPS hosting comes with features such as Choice of Linux or Windows system, 8GB of RAM, 240GB of storage in Linux and 120GB of storage in Windows, upto 8TB monthly traffic, upto 3 dedicated IP addresses, FTP access, free SSL certificate, root access, 24/7 network security and monitoring.
GoDaddy Shared Hosting
Company offers dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting but their primarily markets itself as shared hosting provider. Their shared hosting plans are affordable and come with ultimate features. Shared hosting plans include email addresses, domain registration, email address, 24/7 support and protection, single click installation of apps as well. Company’s three tiers plan available on both Linux and Windows platforms.
Their shared hosting plan includes free domain name, choice of Linux or Windows servers, 100GB or Unlimited drive space, unlimited bandwidth and data transfer, high uptime, mobile optimization, free site certificate and more.
GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting
Company’s dedicated hosting also offer choice of Linux or Windows OS. Moreover, their plans include 16 GB RAM, 4TB storage space, 20TB monthly traffic, 3 dedicated IP addresses, root access and more.
Apart from the above-mentioned hosting, Godaddy’s reseller plans are only available for Linux servers. Their features and pricing are same as Linux servers in general VPS plans. Customer can add access to cPanel, WHMC, and WHM for managing customer accounts and offer them their own management tool.
Overall, GoDaddy is a reliable hosting with excellent price. Their VPS and dedicated hosting options are flexible. Shared hosting is the common option offered by most web hosting sites. Company also includes some common benefits such as one click app installations, free advertising credits, website design services and more.

Godaddy Linux Hosting

Godaddy Linux Hosting
As the title suggests, in this article, we have mentioned about Linux Web Hosting services or plans offered by GoDaddy. However, before that have a look at the brief overview of GoDaddy, reputed and experienced hosting company.
About GoDaddy-
GoDaddy, a reputed, popular and experienced hosting company, serving over 13 million clients worldwide, by getting them online in a simple and affordable manner. GoDaddy, world's biggest domain name registrar, having state of the art data centres or offices meeting the clients needs successfully thereby deliver them an excellent level of customer satisfaction. GoDaddy, an award winning web hosting company, having over 60 million domains, trusted by around 13 million clients offering services of websites, domains, web hosting, online marketing, e-mails, etc.
GoDaddy Linux Web Hosting Packages
GoDaddy offers four Linux web hosting plans to their clients.
1. First plan is Starters, to host just one website. It is quite reasonable, offered for Rs.99 per month only. Key Features it includes are:
30 GB of Disk space
10 Email Addresses
1 Website
Unlimited Bandwidth
Backup & Restoration of Website
50 FTP Accounts
MySQL Databases
Unlimited External & Alias Domains
2. Second plan is Economy, offers best price for the basic websites. Not very costly, it is also affordable, for Rs.199 per month. Key features it offers are:
100 GB of Disk space
100 Email Addresses
1 Website
Unlimited Bandwidth
Backup & Restoration of Website
Free Domain
50 FTP Accounts
MySQL Databases
Unlimited External & AliasDomains
3. Third plan is known as Deluxe, considered as an excellent place for serving multiple websites. Its cost is Rs.309 per month. Key features provide include:
Free domain
500 Email Addresses
Backup & Restoration of Website
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 FTP Accounts
MySQL Databases
Unlimited External & Alias Domains
4. Fourth and last plan offered is Ultimate. As its name suggest, among all it is quite powerful and more secure, as compared to others. It is dedicated to handle large business websites or sites having huge volume of traffic or the most complex ones. Its price is Rs.549 per month. Key features it offers are:
Unlimited Disk space
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free domain
Backup & Restoration of Website
1000 Email Addresses
2 Times Processing power & memory
Unlimited FTP Accounts
MySQL Databases
Unlimited External & Alias Domains
Besides the above features, over 125 One click install free apps like Joomla, Wordpress, PHP, My SQL, Python, Drupal etc., purchasing of additional resources on just one click, Database Storage of 1GB, 1 Click setup for registered domain of GoDaddy, Simple, flexible and user friendly control panel, protection from DDoS with security monitoring for 24 hrs a day & 7 days a week, Password Protected Directories, Raw Access Logs, SSH Access, FTPS, Web stats, 24*7 Support, Cron jobs, File manager, POP 3/SMTP/ IMAP, Auto-responders, Forwarders, 256 Bit Encryption, Protection from virus & spam are too offered.
cPanel Features of Linux hosting plans
  • cPanel- It permits users to access all the features of web hosting and settings which is required with the simple, flexible, industry standard and easy to use control panel.
  • Cage FS- As security is essential, to protect the content from malware or unauthorised users, a virtualized file system is offered which offers optimal protection to content for 24*7.
  • CloudLinux- To keep the website online, CloudLinux plays a vital role. It maintains a balance between RAM, CPU and Disk IO limits.
  • One Click over 125 free applications- More than 125 free applications like Joomla, Drupal, PHP, Python, Wordpress, etc. are offered which can be installed in just a click.
  • Resources as required- If Users need more amount of CPU, RAM, I/O in a click, Entry processes, etc. , they are offered, as per their requirement.

Best Cloud Linux Hosting providers

Cloud Linux Hosting: A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting is one of the popular Linux-based web hosting provider, including VPS, reseller, dedicated and shared hosting servers. It also includes features with SSD, comes with ultimate speed and great performance. Apart from this, company offer 24/7 professional support and 30-day money back. A2 Hosting includes number of features within hosting packages. It assigns flexible disk space, server resources and monthly transfer for customers. Company also supports various programming scripts such as Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.
Cloud Linux Hosting: Just Cloud Hosting
Just Cloud hosting is another cloud Linux hosting provider including features such as free cloud storage for automated services, unlimited storage, technical support, free mobile apps. It provides Android Apps support with iPad and iPhone apps. Just cloud hosting also supports several operating system including Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Customers also get control panel, ability to share files and unlimited file version.
Cloud Linux Hosting: Web Hosting UK
Web Hosting UK is a leader in the cloud hosting industry with features including database support; customers can choose between Plesk WHM and cPanel. Also, get access RDP/SSH. Web Hosting UK offers Linux hosting. Also, their Linux VMWARE cloud comes with tools like 800 MHz CPU- 8x2.2 GHz, disk space, 1000GB bandwidth, 1GB and 12 GB RAM, 2 dedicated IP.
Cloud Linux Hosting: SingleHop
SingleHop offers amazing features and security options such as automatic failover, resource-based billing, SAN based storage and customizable machines. Apart from this, they provide 1TB bandwidth with each plan and prices for low-end servers are over average. Company also provide Linux and Windows based platform with rule based auto scaling.
Cloud Linux Hosting: UK2 offers full lineup of various hosting packages with dedicated, VPS and shared server options. They provide hosting sites for small or personal to large corporate pages. It includes features such as self-healing cloud servers, deploy servers in minutes, 24/7 support, 1 IP address per VM, automatic installation of templates like cPanel. Furthermore, they offer Linux and Windows images also.

Linux Hosting with cPanel

For running a successful web hosting, requires best hosting software. Linux is the most popular operating system and appreciated by hosting providers and clients globally. Linux is not only operating system for laptops and PCs; it also goes to the Windows operating system.
cPanel is the best and mostly used as shared hosting control panel. Generally, it comes with Fantastico script installer and able to install popular such as phpNuke, Oscommerce, WordPress, Drupal, phpBB and more.
Why customers prefer cPanel
cPanel provide graphical interface that makes hosting easier through automation tools such as restore backups, SSH access, backup website and manages MySQL. Unlimited email accounts and websites are also managed by cPanel. It includes WHM (web host manager) and it is for server administrator. Whereas cPanel is for the website owner.
Pros of cPanel:
Powerful file manager- Cpanel offers very interactive customer experience in editing and managing files. Users can browse files, edit, modify, compress, upload, decompress and create to enable customer to edit files in efficient and trouble free manner.
Weblog and site statistic- Build in site statistic and weblog tool.
Securities- Cpanel offers secure and safe way of managing data and have multiple security features
Popular Linux hosting providers with cPanel:
Ehost offers reliable web hosting since 1996. Customers get drag and drop website builder. With this hosting provider, users enjoy friendly and efficient customer service including high skilled support team. After registration with eHost users will get a domain name, high uptime and strong security.
Control Panel- Enjoy advantages of popular cPanel with features such as easy to use organized icon based buttons, multiple management, password protected directory manager and real-time email management.
iPage provide advanced tools to create, manage and enhance websites easily and efficiently. This company has worked with Google to add industry leading Google tools. Their control panel includes features like site search, single point access for AdWords and more. Site traffic and update account information are also done by the control panel.
Host Gator
It employs standard control panel. Their control panel has around 39 scripts which can be installed and best in the industry. It has the ability to install a number of open source programs along with flash movies. cPanel helps in rationalize web management, monitor the amount of used bandwidth, create email, MySQL databases, sub domains and more. It also includes Fantastico auto installer and content management system to integrate web space.
Most control panels have careful selection of menus such as emails, secure certs, domain names, customer info, and websites, etc., these all can be selected by clicking on obvious buttons. With Godaddy control panel have N no of screens which you can use to advertise different GODADDY products. Even they give privilege to their customers to enjoy most efficient Plesk or control panel with the help of virtual servers.
HostPapa offers user-acclaimed and popular control panel. Its icon-based buttons execute various administrative tasks. Moreover, its primary menu includes display of stat and figure related to web hosting account and website’s performance and activity. Customers get free control panel as a regular service.
BlueHost’s Cpanel loaded with excellent features such as, explicable icons, easy to use and find needed information. It also comes with amazing setup wizard and web based file manager along with many scripts for a skilled designer.
Hostmonster control panel is time tested cPanel. It is easy to use and simple. Their cPanel includes functions such as mail management, advanced menu, domain, and account management, site menu functions and so on. Customers get the benefit of cPanel wizard and assistants also. There is a separate page called ‘MyCpanel page’ in which users can store their personal notes, startup tips, tool tips and other settings. Furthermore, a customer can also read incoming emails and have a choice to publish traffic stats on websites.

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS means Linux Virtual Personal Server. Generally, it is a virtual server that means server runs in the memory of the host computer. Whereas, Host computer can have various servers running on it. Linux VPS offer a more scalable solution than shared hosting solutions. It is the most popular hosting solutions in the industry.

Reasons to consider VPS hosting:

VPS server stands for a dedicated virtualized server within shared hosting environment. It runs operating system including individual settings. Customers get super level access to that operating system and can install any software which runs on the OS. VPS has become most popular web hosting that customer choose from to host websites. Web service providers operate VPS for cost cutting and better performance.
VPS is the best alternative for beginners, high traffic blogs and small business for better performance at low cost. In VPS, there is no need to share server resources with other accounts. Through Linux VPS hosting, customers have authority to control over resources and customize everything from an operating system. It allows small and medium websites to enjoy benefits from personal CPU usage and RAM.

Best Linux Hosting Provider

To select best Linux hosting for hassle-free website, below is the recommended hosting providers who are truly tested.
  1. iPage
    iPage has been offering great hosting solutions to websites and business, since 1998. It includes features such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email addresses. Apart from this, they offer 30-day money back guarantee. iPage is very reliable and most trusted Linux hosting provider for your business. It is an eco-friendly website to work with.
  2. FatCow
    FatCow came into existence in the year 1998. Since then, they are providing quality products and excellent hosting services to the customers at very affordable rates. It is the biggest hosting provider for secure websites. FatCow supports all programming language such as PERL, MySQL, CGI and more. It includes features like unlimited data transfer, disk space, mailboxes and so on. This hosting is reliable and perfect for the customers.
  3. GreenGeeks
    GreenGeeks offer high-quality web hosting around the globe, located in California. It offers quality bandwidth and eco-friendly hosting. Various recognition awards received by this provider for outstanding performance and services. GreenGeeks provide 24/7 customer support via email, phones, and chats. Best choice for customer’s searching for cheap and affordable provider.
  4. JustHost
    JustHost offer outstanding services and secure site maintenance. It includes features such as Perl 5, MySQL 5 database server, PHP 5, JavaScript support, Python, CGI library, DHTML support and more. Moreover, it also provides unlimited domain hosting and disk space.
  5. BlueHost
    Since 1996 Bluehost is offering Linux web hosting. It provides reliable and fast server along with the free domain. Their feature includes unlimited email accounts and FTP. It supports programming language like PHP5, Perl 5, Python, JAVA script, ruby on rails and more. Bluehost also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. It has a high reputation in E-commerce filed also.

Economy Linux Hosting Providers

Economy Linux Hosting Providers: Overview
GoDaddy is a popular web hosting provider and offers high uptime, advanced tools including Windows and Linux servers, excellent support and VPS. This hosting is the most reliable and affordable in the industry. They charge month to month expense for their Linux or Windows based web servers. Company need to agree to their pricier Ultimate or Deluxe arrangements to pay for web facilitating on month to month basis. Their dedicated servers are also providing several setups. Beside this, their website builder is wonderful site building device.
Core Features of GoDaddy:
GoDaddy offers 100 Free Email Accounts, 100GB of Storage, more than 200 apps with single click, MySQL and MS SQL support, Linux and Windows operating system, cPanel, 24 hours security and DDoS protection, 99.9% uptime guarantee, 45-day money back guarantee and so on.
Bluehost is one the most famous web hosting provider among blogger and who serve multiple blogs. They provide unlimited domain plans and excellent customer support. Bluehost is affordable and secure web host. This hosting is recommended by WordPress to host WordPress blogs. Apart from this, Bluehost offers only Linux based web hosting.
Core Features of Bluehost
This provider is on top in E-commerce field. Company also comes with various features such as unlimited email and FTP accounts, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, supports programming language including Perl 5, PHP 5, JAVA Script/Flash/Shockwave/DHTML.
Moreover, they offer enhanced cPanel, Linux hosting, security, money back guarantee and so on.
SuperGreen is another provider of Linux-based server and offers support to small and local businesses. Their aim is to offer products related to customer requirement and satisfaction. Customers will get free access to WordPress, Joomla, SimpleScripts and more.
Core Features of SuperGreen
Company offers 24/7 customer supports via chat, phone, and email, money back guarantee, filters viruses and spam, unlimited bandwidth, storage space, emails and FTP accounts. SuperGreen Hosting is environment-friendly web hosting.
WebHosting Pad
WebHostingPad packages and plans are perfect for websites. They offer flexible and powerful hosting without limits. Company provides Linux based hosting along with support for PHP 4 and 5, Python and Perl. They also offer FTP accounts, ZenCart, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and RoundCube

Business Web Hosting Plans

Today's time this is very hard to choose a reliable host who fulfill your needs in a easy manner and with a fully control operations and in highly competitive business environment, it's so important to choose the best business hosting provider that is able to satisfy all your requirements and provide your website with stability and security. cpwebhosting is the most reasonable solution for your growing online business needs, because we specialize in providing top-notch business website hosting services for successful business running.

The company provides a way in which you can hope for a best hosting strategy and faithful working environment If you want to be more confident in your website's security, our semi-dedicated business web hosting plans will provide you with your private space and resources of the server that will be fully gets from other websites. Semi-dedicated business website hosting packages give you more flexibility and reliability to run your online business.
We have an excellent technical support also because highly appreciates all your needs and guarantees fast tech support 24 hours a day and 7 day a week to ensure the stability of your website's performance.
so you can choose cpwebhosting for your best hosting operations.

Cheap Small Business Web Hosting Services

If you have a small business and looking hosting for a small business then cpwebhosting can be a best option for you because as here at cpwebhosting you are able to browse the wide range of shared and dedicated hosting accounts and choose the one that will meet all your small business hosting needs. Whether you are just going to start your online business or want to expand your existing one, our cheap small business web hosting services will help you to establish your presence on the Web in the most effective way.

If you choose it then surely you will get a reliable host who will fulfill your entire requirement like proper security and datacenters etc. Flexible small business hosting services by cpwebhosting come with all the tools you need to support online store or catalog databases for you customers. Are you looking for cheap small business web hosting, but without any risk to your online business success? cpwebhosting is professional and affordable small business hosting provider that takes your business needs as seriously as you take them.

This way you can get a good host for small business.

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Why Dedicated Hosting?

If you want that no one disturb you while working on your hosting site then choosing a dedicated server so for use it first of all, please note, that a dedicated server is rather expensive service, and you shouldn\'t waste your money if you don\'t plan to use it in full measure. But if you really have a serious website, and want to run a successful business - you cannot do it without a dedicated server.

Dedicated server will give you a freedom. You will not need to share it with other websites. It will also give you additional 3rd party security for your site and emails. A dedicated server will allow you deep access to your server to configure and optimize your server anyway you need.

With a dedicated server you get on average 50-100 Gb of hard drive, plus about 1,000 Gb of data transfer. You may customize the configuration and choose any CPU, RAM, or whatever you need. A dedicated server reduces your dependency on the web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these.

So you can select it easily as for your optional hosting.

Do You Go With A Dedicated Server Or Not?

Cpwebhosting is leader in providing a dedicated server at very reasonable and affordable rate.The dedicated server is a web hosting solution that is advanced in that it allows you to own the complete server. It is not shared and it belongs to you and your needs. You will get a connection to the internet and the necessary things that you need and off you go. There are several different types of dedicated servers but what you should consider is whether or not you need this level of service or not.

Unmanaged or managed, that is the question! In unmanaged dedicated servers, you will get the server and the equipment that you need to run it. But in a managed dedicated server, you will get the help you need in getting all of it done and in maintaining it. You will have nothing to worry about besides the website's content.

Whether or not you use a dedicated server is up to you. But, if you need to move to this level of hosting, it is wise to consider several options and to get it all together well. You will want to insure that you have the right specifications. To understand further what you need, look for options in purchasing a dedicated server right here on the web.

Dedicated Server vs. Co-location Web Hosting

If you want to know difference in dedicated hosting and co-location web hosting then co-locate, you are simply renting space within someone else\'s facility to store your own server or servers. It\'s like a high tech gym locker that you are renting all or part of to house your servers. You either ship or deliver your server to your provider. Additional services provided with co-location vary from host to host but it certainly won\'t include the actual server. With a dedicated server you are getting all the features of co-location, plus the actual web server itself.

If we concerned about better one then it certainly depends on your particular needs, and there are excellent situations for both the dedicated server option is quickly becoming a better choice in more and more cases. If you already own a web server, or cluster that you prefer to use, then obviously co-location may be your best choice. If you are considering buying new equipment and shipping it off for co-location - please reconsider. The prices and equipment available in dedicated hosting these days are outstanding plus relieve you of the burden of hardware.

Dedicated Hosting-need of the Hour

Now we get to know that what is dedicated hosting and what its needs are. Firstly, it is worthwhile to note that dedicated server is quite an expensive service and so its optimum utilization is must. By maximum utilization of a dedicated server a business owner can run a successful business but this statement will be only considerable when we will present this statement with facts, which are as under.

Freedom and security
Above all of the conditions customer firstly wants to security as well as freedom and this can only be achieved by way of dedicated server. The best part of dedicated server is that now there is no need to share it with web sites. Further facility provided by dedicated server is that it gives customer the additional third party security for its sites and emails. It also enables deep access to its user's server so as to configure it and optimize it in a way required. It also helps in selection of software that needs to be installed.

Power and functionality
User can get 50 to 100 GB of hard drive by dedicated server and also approx.1, 000 GB of data transfer. According to user's requirement he can customize the configuration and chose any CPU RAM. With the help of dedicated server dependency on web host tends to decrease as well as time delays tends to do down steeply thereby making it more economic in future.

It's not worthwhile to run a popular website on a shared hosting. It's not acceptable.

Server cluster, great solution

The server cluster is the system where you can use 2 or more servers to give a solution in a shorter time. The great first advantages of using this kind of technology is that having two servers working on the same problem defines more efficiency and cutting the solving time.

Many companies are increasing the amount of resource-heavy applications and requiring increasingly massive processing power to manage their systems... yet still rely on obsolete, single computers to do all the work.

For problems of malfunction on some of the computers in the cluster, automatically the work is distributed to the other computers in the cluster. This is more efficiency on problems caused by hardware or any other component problem.

Technology-savvy companies know that a server cluster actually saves them money. So instead of spending their IT budget on many single mainframe systems to process their information separately, they decide to invest in a single powerful central unit to handle all of it at the same time, with more precision and speed.

This is the great solution, because this is more efficient process to solve the speed and management problems of elements and information stored in single servers, processes where need more processing that the one that provides a single and powerful server.

Virtual Server Hosting

A virtual server provides the features of a dedicated server on a machine that is shared by other web hosting customers. Customers therefore get hosting services that are similar to that of dedicated web hosting without sacrificing on privacy or performance.

Virtual servers are based on the concept of partitions on mainframes that allow dozens of divisions to run multiple applications on the same server with advanced resource scheduling. In other words, a virtual server behaves exactly like an isolated stand-alone server that guarantees share of server resources, including CPU, memory and bandwidth. Applications are not shared across private servers, which mean that you can run different combinations of applications and even different versions of applications even if they are on the same physical server.

Our virtual servers give you the key benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. A virtual server is a single dedicated server that is divided into a few isolated servers. Each virtual server performs much like a single dedicated server, complete with root access and the ability to install programs to suit your needs perfectly. A virtual server is like having your own dedicated server, but at a more affordable price.

Now you can get all the benefits of a virtual server with the same ease-of-use and low cost traditionally found only with shared web hosting. Combining our virtual server hosting plans with our outstanding customer support, we provide you with one of the best hosting solutions in the industry.

PHP Virtual Private Server Hosting offers only the most stable, reliable and affordable PHP virtual private server hosting solutions. You can always rely on us and be sure you are getting the top-notch service and support you need. Choose our PHP virtual private server hosting services and enjoy all the benefits of our hosting network and advanced technical expertise. Web hosting with PHP virtual private server support provided by will suit all your needs and won't exceed your budget.
Sign up now for virtual server web hosting solution by and enjoy all the benefits of being our web hosting client. We can offer you reliable and hassle free hosting with fast setup and a comprehensive range of options.

Guide to Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated web server hosting uses the entire server from a dedicated server host company. It owns, maintains, and backs up the server and in return provides all the security, power management, and other aspects of maintaining a data center. It is the duty of the site developer to take care of all web server software issues.

The dedicated hosting often require extensive use of system resources and increased bandwidth to serve the technology to a web browser. so to accommodate this need of resources it makes use of the entire server.A dedicated web server can also be used to serve the purpose for reseller hosting.

A dedicated server is the best solution for traffic-heavy businesses who lack the staff, resources, and security to build, install, and maintain an in-house solution. With a dedicated server, leasing saves on network administrator position for a company. A dedicated hosting account is usually cheaper overall than an in-house solution, and businesses can reap savings of up to 85% on a per month basis.

Difference between dedicated and virtual hosting

A dedicated server is a web sever that stores files just for your own website. You have full access to the server and you need not to share your resources with have full access to shell and command line modes and can install any software programs and applications that you wish. 

Dedicated servers tend to cost more money because you will not be be splitting the server costs with anyone else. Unless you really have a big web site that needs a lot of disk space and bandwidth don't go the dedicated server .

A virtual server (also called shared hosting) is a web server that you share with other users. The web server will contain your website's files and also the website files of all of the web hosts other customers. You could share a web server with any number of other customers so it will not cost a lot of money. A dedicated server is good for websites which are just starting out. 

You should also know that what others who are on the same server as you do can affect your website. For example, a customer may install a script that will affect the servers performance or in a bad instance the script installed by a user can shut the server down which in turn can shut your web site down.