Sunday, 11 February 2018

More about choosing right reseller package

The right web hosting reseller package for we will depend on what we want from our reseller host, and what kind of web hosting reseller we aim to be.

Reseller packages are available to meet differing needs some provide us with a turnkey solution for setting up a standalone business in reseller hosting, while others provide us with the hosting and allow us to integrate our own billing system.

Are we a web designer who wants to be able to host our customers websites? In that case, customer billing management and templates to build a hosting website may be of little interest.
Its likely that the cost of the hosting will be included in the bill for our services. we may not want other people to host their own websites with we, so there is no need for a standalone web hosting sales site.

If on the other hand, we are looking for reseller hosting to start our own web hosting business.

the amount of support given to us to enable enable us to convert visitors to customers will affect our choice.
Some hosting companies provide us with a reseller account only, and leave the arrangements for selling and billing up to us.
Some others provide us with the tools to allow visitors to signup from our website, pay us with their credit card and automatically have their account created within minutes.
Unlesswe already have a suitable sales site, or the expertise to create one, we are probably better off with this kind of reseller package.


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