Sunday, 11 February 2018

More about trunkey reseller

There’s an option if we don’t have much cash to put into starting a reseller hosting business get a free hosting reseller account.

We’ve signed up for an account , and its a pretty painless process. No setup fees or deposits are required to start using the reseller hosting solution.
But we can, if we want to, order a domain name for our new web hosting site at the same time.

The domain name is optional - we can start straight away without it. If we don’t have our own domain name, our website will be given an URL on their domain automatically.
We can also use an existing domain name if we already have one, we just need to change its nameservers to point to our new store and fill in the appropriate boxes on the setup form.

After the signup we will be provided with a web address that we can start using immediately. We can build our reseller website quickly using the control panel menu.

We’ve already given our store a name, but now we’ll want to customize it. The first thing to do is choose a template for our new web hosting site.
Resellers Panel offer us a choice of 16 templates - choose one we like as the basis for our site. We went with the recommended template


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