Sunday, 11 February 2018

Multiple domain in reseller

If we are looking for reseller hosting so we can host multiple domains, we’ve got a wide choice, not just of web hosting companies, but also the type of web hosting package we go for.

Many people choose a reseller hosting package just in order to host several of their own domains. In the past, this was the only option when we wanted to host many domains under one account, rather than buy seperate hosting for each of our own websites.
There are two main differences between reseller hosting and multi-domain hosting
The first is in the administration of the domains. With reseller hosting, we have a web hosting manager to add and manage domains, set disc space and quotas for each domain, etc.

Each domain then has its own control panel for administration of the domain setting up of email accounts, ftp, webmail, installing scripts and programs, checking visitor statistics etc.
Typically we have a seperate login to the control panel for each domain, although the “master” account may be able to log in to any of them.
With a multi-domain account, we typically do not have a web hosting manager. we only have one control panel and all administration is carried out from here.

All the administration for every website we have is carried out from the one control panel. For instance, if we have Fantastico on our hosting account, and we want to install, say, Wordpress, we click to install it and we can then browse to the domain we want it installed on.

Clearly, this is no good if we have a number of customers who each need to be able to use there own control panels, but if all the websites we are hosting are our own, it can be easier to administer them all from a single control panel


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