Saturday, 21 April 2018

All Types Of Web Hosting Services

cpwebhosting is no ordinary web host and we like to get straight to the point. We're management owned and operated; our owners are involved in the day-to-day running of the business.
Our servers are fast and reliable; we use the latest technology and only the best hardware to produce the best platform for your website.
Our prices are affordable for individuals and businesses alike. We never raise prices for existing customers, instead we offer existing customers upgrades to the new packages we release once a year at no cost.
Our customer service is second to none. 24x7 helpdesk support, 24x7 live chat support, 24x7 forum access and 9-5 phone support mean that getting assistance is not a problem with Cpwebhosting
Budget Web Hosting
* What is budget hosting?
Budget web hosting (also known as shared web hosting, virtual hosting) is designed for home and small business users who need a lot of disk space/bandwidth at an entry level price point. Our budget web hosting plans are packed with featured and offer excellent value for money. Although we label our plans as a budget offering, these often offer more in features, value and performance than many of our competitor's business hosting offerings. Why buy a budget hosting plan?
If you need an affordable hosting plan for your website, a budget web hosting plan is probably the best option. Our budget web hosting plans offer an incredible amount of features without compromising on quality.
What are the benefits of a Web Hosting Buzz budget hosting account?
To summarize, you get a fully e-commerce ready web hosting plan with generous amounts of disk space and bandwidth, hundreds of features and excellent performance, uptime and customer service.
Reseller Web Hosting
* What is Reseller Web Hosting?
Reseller hosting (or reseller web hosting) is the term used for hosting plans that allow you to host unlimited domains / websites. Generally, people either resell plans to their own customers or just use a reseller plan to host their own multiple websites. cpwebhosting allows you to do either with all of our reseller hosting plans.
* Why buy Reseller Hosting Package?
If you have a multiple websites, either just your own or including customers, reseller hosting allows you to easily organize and manage all of these websites.
cpwebhosting's reseller hosting plans come with a reseller control panel, that will list each of the websites hosted under your account. It allows you to add more websites, delete existing websites or edit the existing websites. On top of this, each website/account that you create comes with it's own fully featured cPanel login.
* cpwebhosting and Reseller Web Hosting cpwebhosting are reseller experts.
Back in the day, we started off with our business with a reseller plan ourselves so we know exactly what customers expect. We've put all of our experience as a reseller hosting customer into our own reseller hosting plans.
What are the benefits of a cpwebhosting reseller hosting account?
Our reseller hosting plans are affordable and feature packed. Whether you're looking to easily manage your own websites under one roof, or sell hosting to your customers, our plans allow you to do this. Extra bonuses such as free billing software, free domain registration and support for unlimited website coupled with our fantastic support and customer service put us as the leader of the pack.
Dedicated Server Hosting:
A dedicated server (or dedicated web hosting) is where you have a full server just for you and your websites. Dedicated servers offer unbeatable levels of performance and customization because you are not sharing the server with anyone else.
Typical dedicated server customers usually either have a large network of sites or some hugely popular websites that would demand too many resources from a shared web hosting plan. Dedicated servers are also often used when significant customization or extra security is needed.


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