Sunday, 22 April 2018

Be a Web Hosting Provider

If you are thinking of becoming a web hosting provider, there are some basic things to know which are required to become a web hosting provider. 

First of all, you'll need a server which has enough space to host at least a few websites and their contents. You'll also need to have enough bandwidth to support your clients' visitors. Also, you'll need to provide some additional services like email accounts, customer support, etc, to compete with another web hosting provider.
The important factor in being a web hosting provider is to have enough disk space to support many web sites. You must also plan the type of clients you would get. If your clients are individuals or small business holders then you'll not require high storage but, if your clients host large business sites then you need huge space. You also need to have attractive features to get good clients.

As a web hosting provider you need to also think about electronic payment system for you clients. They should be able to receive and send payments electronically through their website. Paypal is the best option. You'll also need to provide a shopping cart for your clients with online business. You need to do all these to be a good web hosting provider.

There are other aspects in being a web hosting provider is operating systems. You may support operating systems like UNIX, LINUX if you are planning to host sites built in PHP, etc. Microsoft would be better for ASP. For e-commerce the former is much better.
This may seem very tough but trust me a web hosting provider is ascertained by certain basic features. The size and speed of your server, the additional features you provide, etc, are very important. You need to provide all the services that your customer needs. Do all these things wisely with dedication and take my words, you'll be a very successful web hosting provider.

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