Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Create and register a website

Decide your website's name,domain name and URL.Your website's name should be unique.
Register it with a domain name register.A Domain Name Registrar is a company which handles the registration, tracking, and reporting of domain names across the Internet.
Decide who is going to host your website. For this you need a hosting company. A hosting company is simply a company that has a bunch of computers, known as servers, hooked up to a really fast Internet connection. You pay them a monthly fee and they give you a certain amount of space on one of their servers. If you're really ambitious, you can host it yourself on one of your own computers.
You should have a reliable Internet Connection because of the amount technical competency required to make sure your server is properly configured to handle all of the different types of programs required to serve up your web pages.
Create web pages.You can make them in either html or php or vb script or in some other web language.Consult with what to find out what kind of content you want and the overall theme of your site, and they will handle the (extremely) tedious process of creating the code for the actual pages.
Make sure it can found by the search engines so that anybody who is looking for your type of product or service will be able to find you.

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