Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Dedicated Windows hosting

The websites which Microsoft Windows NT or Internet Information Server [IIS] serves, is called Windows dedicated hosting. This is a server based on NT, and it comes pre-installed with operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003.

It is known for dynamic end-management, reliability, simplicity, and it also popular for integration of internet with the general business of an individual or a firm.

If you wish to use Microsoft FrontPage for building your web site or use ASP [Active Server Page], which is an exclusive Microsoft application, you should opt for Windows hosting only.

The hosting environment of your web site will be much better if you develop it by using Microsoft Index Server, .Net, or even Visual Basic scripts.
you could use MS-SQL which is compatible with various hosting environments.So inspite of using MS-Access you could use MS-SQL for windows.

An advantage of windows dedicated hosting is that users can integrate MS-based products in their websites with ease, because there are millions of people using Microsoft products all over the world.

You can even with MS technology, cross-browser scripts can also be integrated very well, like from ASP to Java Script. Besides, windows dedicated hosting enables the usage of Cord Fusion and ODBC database connectivity, which is not supported by UNIX.
If you are using a remote server, then it turns out to be quite cheap as compared to the price of UNIX. But even otherwise, given the strength and performance of Microsoft, even a bit expensive servers are worth the money you spend on them.
The dedicated servers could be always in high rate.... If you want enjoy the service, you have to pay huge.... But, the quality constraints could make the difference....!

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