Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Evaluating Any Website Host

people often waste resources when they create websites because they are under the stanza of creating heavy website at straight go without considering the basic facts.The result they have a dismal feeling after creating their website as it is showing poor performance.I am mentioning some of the facts which must be considered for a fruitful business.
Total Storage:
How much space do you get to store your website files? If you operate a small website with a handful of pages and only a couple of pictures per page, you can get by with 5-10 MB (megabytes) of disk space or less. However, if your site contains dozens of pages and hundreds of pictures, you may need a hosting plan with 10- 25 MB of space.
Data Transfer/Bandwidth:
Here's where many people fall down and get run over by the Internet bus! Bandwidth represents the total amount of traffic the website host allows you to receive.
Successful sites that get a lot of traffic eat up more bandwidth than sites without many visitors. Honestly, bargain website hosting companies don't want you to get much traffic because your bandwidth costs them money.
If you plan to do any business online, make sure you get a bare minimum of at least 1 GB (gigabyte) of data transfer per month.
Email 'Aliases'
Most web hosts allow you to set up email addresses connected with your domain, such as jim@thenetreporter.com, and have them forward to your email account, like yourname@aol.com. The ability to set up email aliases forms an integral part of any online business. Make sure your hosting company allows you to set up at least 5 email aliases.
Website Tools:
If you want to do anything more than let people look at static web pages, you will need to have certain tools available. The two most important tools are CGI and website statistics. These allow you to run scripts and see who came to your site and when.
Tech Support:
Make sure you understand any company's technical support policies and hours of operation. Don't wait until Saturday afternoon to discover your only help option is to wait and email them Monday morning

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