Tuesday, 3 April 2018

hosting company web server

The World Wide Web is a massive collection of web sites, all hosted on computers (called web servers) all over the world. The web server (computer) where your web site's html files, graphics, etc. reside is known as the web host. Web hosting clients simply upload their web sites to a shared (or dedicated) web server, which the ISP maintains to ensure a constant, fast connection to the Internet.
Websites are composed of a multitude of computer files that reside on a server. That server hosts the website.
An arrangement where you allow an agency to host your website for you on their Web Server for a fee.
A service that is offered to piggy back a website construction, for those who would like to have a presence on the World Wide Web and do not have their own domain set-up on the Internet. It may display information about their company or organization in the form of Web pages. One does not need a computer or Internet access to be hosted.
A Web hosting company is a company that specializes in hosting Web sites for other companies on their computers. Typically an ISP also offers Web-hosting services.
A services that stores your information (or website) on a server, allowing it to be accessed by users on the Internet.
Operating a server for another company or individual. Web pages can also be hosted, stored, and taken care of on a server.
A service enabling a person or company to store Web pages on the hosting provider's servers.

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