Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Web Hosting Server Options

Now after advantages the biggest disadvantage of hosting on own web server is the uptime reliability. If one's web server get powered down for any reason then his/her website will also get offline. Generally web hosting companies have methods and networks to prevent this failure from affecting one's website. Also if the system goes down they have a mirror location where one's site is invigorated and doesn't experience much downtime. There are several web hosts, which do not practice this method, or any other fault tolerance. One can imagine how worse can happen if a blackout or power outage occurs and his/her web server gets down for hours or even days. It will surely lead to destruction of whole business. There are several hosting companies providing mirror web hosting for a small charge, but there is doubt in their reliability. Thus only experience can make one play safe in hosting business else it's all on his/her fortune or God.

Hosting one's own server is not at all a money-saving experience as sometimes it even costs more to host on one's own server, when one totals the up keep and maintenance. Thus the benefit of hosting one's own server is usually a better platform for one's customers, because it is no longer a shared server and it provides the ability to make global changes almost immediately.

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