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000web host review

About Company

Company was started in 2006 and has become the leader of web hosting industry with the cheapest hosting plan offering. 000webhost started with an aim of providing free web hosting services with best services, which makes it the cheapest hosting provider in the web hosting industry.
Company overall rating
PriceStarting from $ 0.00 / mon
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 Detailed Features 000webhost offers an option for website publishers that can be quite appealing. Customers who don't use much diskspace, 000webhost suits them the best in all the ways and they host there website for free. In the free hosting option, a customer will get 1500 MB diskspace and 100 gigabytes per month of bandwidth. With this you will get a cPanel that is very easy to use and most of the customers are very comfortable of using there cPanel. The paid hosting plan is at $4.84 / mon with which you will get unlimited diskspace, unlimited addon domains and sub-domains, cPanel pro and increased security features for your website. Reputation  Looking at the reputation of  000webhost there is a mixed feedback which we got from customers of 000webhost. The customers who use only hosting have given positive feedback but with some problems in there account cancellation without even warning the customers. Though it looks like the affiliate program should be avoided, using the free hosting for your less important websites is probably okay. Uptime Offered

000webhost offers a good quality in terms of speed, price, uptime and customer support. If any customer is looking for free and reliable webhost that offers high quality hosting services then you must definetly go to 000webhost. On top of that, users get instant back up along with FTP support and lastly instant activation upon signing up.
Quick view of the plans offered
Plan NameFree HostingPremium Hosting
Price$ 0.00 / mon$ 4.84 / mon
Diskspace1500 MBUnlimited
Bandwidth100 GB / monUnlimited
Add-on Domains5Unlimited
Email Addresses5Unlimited
MYSQL Databases2Unlimited
FTP Accounts1Unlimited
Language SupportPHP, Ruby On Rails, Python, CGI ScriptsPHP, Ruby On Rails, Python, CGI Scripts
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