Tuesday, May 15, 2018

$1 Hosting Plan support

CPWebHosting is a Professional Cheap Web Hosting Provider suitable for individual hosting and almost any other kind of website. CPWebHosting admin CPanel gives you full control over every resources of your site.
CPWebHosting provides the best cheapest hosting plans. The plans include $1 hosting, Business hosting and monthly hosting.

Now, if you want to choose cheapest of all plans then you can choose $1 hosting. Simply take your mouse over $1 hosting and the $1 window will be scrolled up and the new screen will be shown where you can see the basic features which you will be get with this plan.

Now if you want to know more about $1 hosting plan then you can click on the green button which show more info and in this you will get all the related information about this plan.
For buying this plan you will have to click the buy now button which is in red and you will be redirected to the shopping cart page which will look like

Now in this you will get three options to choose from.
  1. If you choose the first option then you will be registering a new domain. In this you will be going to register new domain that means if you are a new customer and want to register a new domain with CPWebHosting then you can choose the first option.
  2. If you want to transfer a domain then you can choose the second option.

In this option you can transfer your domain to CPWebHosting and write your domain name in the text box given below and then click continue button.
3. Third option says that you want to update your name servers on existing domain or register a new domain. In both the cases you will have to choose the 3rd option and write the domain name and then click continue.
After clicking on the button “click to continue” you will be redirected to next page which will show you the product configuration, its price annually, biennially and triennially. From here you can choose your option on how to pay the bill.

As you can see above that the product configuration is shown that you will get one MYSQL database, one email id and one domain. You can choose your mode of payment from the drop down menu in the billing cycle and then click on “add to cart”.
After clicking on it you will be redirected to the page where you will be seeing your order summary.

In this page you will be seeing your order summary which shows you the description part and the price of your plan. In the description part you will be seeing two options edit and remove. With these you can modify your order also.
You don’t have to fill the “Promotional Code” option.
For placing your order you have to click on checkout button and you will be redirected to the checkout page.

A form will be opened and you will have to fill all the necessary details in this. You will have to fill all the relevant information about you and irrelevant information will take you in the fraud case and your request will be cancelled.
You also have to choose your payment method as to be you using PayPal or MasterCard. All your details will be secure in our database.
After filling all your information you will have to click on the complete order button and you will get an email regarding your details and the cpanel access details with which you can login to access your account.

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