Saturday, May 26, 2018

1,00,000 most visited websites

There are around 1, 00,000 websites, which are most popular and comes on the top of the list and are most visited. Among these, half of them are hosted by United States, but the question is where these websites are hosted. So, the answer is Houston, Texas is the cities, where the websites are hosted. This news is reported by HostCabi, host information company. Around 4000 very highly trafficked websites are hosted at Houston and around 3000 websites are hosted at Texas. Another city is Beijing which host nearby 2000 websites. If we talk about the top most companies, then United States, Germany and China, each of them host around 5000 websites. HostCabi determine the location of websites (where websites are hosted) hosted by doing some calculation on geographic and hosting data, and also they are hosted by whom. The process which is follow by HostCabi is divided into three steps: first is IP (Internet Protocol) address of each website is fetch by the HostCabi, after that next step is to collect the information regarding the owner or organization and the last and third step is to determine the name of the company who is hosting that IP.
Before choosing the web hosting services for your websites, you need to consider the reviews of the web hosting services or web hosting provider, as through reviews, you come to know the actual story or reality of those plans or packages offer by the providers and may be they are helpful to you, to choose the best plan or services and even providers, as per your requirement.

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