Thursday, May 17, 2018

Advantage and disadvantage of Running a Web Hosting Company

I am looking to purchase a Reseller web hosting plan from and want to start my own web hosting company but I want to know what is the advantage and disadvantage of Running a 
Web Hosting Company?

The massive potential that these companies offer is one of the biggest advantages. Because people use the Internet today for everything including communication, business, entertainment, and education, web hosting is sure to be around for a long time and is not something that is likely to disappear overnight.

Once the Reseller web hosting business has accumulated a good number of clients, they will provide for a steady, regular income. By providing good value and great service, these clients will stay with the business for a long time to come!

One of the biggest disadvantages is that web hosting is a very competitive market.

There are more and more companies emerging every day and some of these may be cheaper than what you are offering. While the quality of service may not be as good, customers are always looking for ways to get the best deal. This is the biggest problem of reliable web hosting companies.

Another disadvantage that owners sometimes find is the amount of time needed for the business. Customers usually expect twenty-four hour support and at times this can mean fourteen to twenty hour days.

For the first little bit when the company doesn’t yet have any clients, the business owner will be personally responsible for paying all of the expenses.

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