Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

If you have a good client base and its growing, it's becoming impossible for you to manage your web hosting accounts individually, giving support to your customers is becoming a nightmare, you are carving a bad name for your business.
Its time you choose a good reseller hosting plan from a professional hosting company, who can take care of your complete hosting needs.

Reselling Web Hosting

Step 1: Get an Exceptional Domain Name.
Step 2: Finding and Setting up a Great Web Hosting Reseller Account.
Step 3: Set up a Great Website and Order Form.
Step 4: Driving Qualified Traffic to Your Website.
Step 5: Differentiate Your Offering

Getting an exceptional Domain Name is very important. It may be obvious to you, but having the proper domain for your Web hosting venture is critical to your success. Why? There are two basic reasons: branding (recall) and search engine optimization. In order to sell Web hosting to your prospects, they first have to be able to find you. That is, they have to know that you offer Web hosting accounts for sale.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting Plans
* The price of reseller hosting plans are lower than shared hosting plans.
* The inventory you get in reseller hosting plans is much higher when compared to shared hosting.
* Outsource the reseller hosting support, you will have more time to focus on your work than spending time on hosting support.
* There is better manageability of account with reseller hosting as you have one hosting account to manage all clients.
* Reseller hosting accounts can be rebranded to say that you are the hosting company who is providing these services to end user.
* A reseller hosting account can also be integrated with packages like modernbill / H-sphere to have a better billing system.
* Reseller hosting plan is most affordable and unique hosting plan which offers higher inventory and complete automation than shared hosting plan.
Other than this reseller hosting packages can really help you around with account management.

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