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Affordable e-commerce hosting providers

E-commerce hosting refers to web hosting services that have E-commerce features incorporated such that people running online stores are able to comfortably carry out their transactions and businesses online.
Today, very many companies are going completely online with their customers also being reachable online most of the time, as many are technologically savvy.
In this digital era that we are living in, the E-commerce sector earns a lot of money for individuals, especially those who have gone completely on a line when it comes to their businesses. Since there are a lot of costs incurred when running any business, it is important to find ways of cutting down costs which can be done by looking for cheap Ecommerce hosting.
It is inevitable to use E-commerce today and that is why most hosting companies ensure that they offer E-commerce hosting services. The only part where a majority of web hosts fail is by lacking to offer reliable and affordable E-commerce hosting and responsive customer care.
Affordable Ecommerce hosting providers are the web hosts in the industry who strive to primarily offer cheap E-commerce hosting services to their clients. Finding the best E-commerce hosting provider is of great importance so that clients can get cheap E-commerce hosting services that are also reliable and perform quite well in terms of their hosting services, uptime, and even speed.
In E-commerce web hosting, the customer satisfaction of clients and the reliability of the hosting services that a company offers are of primary importance as when the clients are happy and satisfied with a web hosts hosting services, they will trust them and will even gain confidence in the E-commerce hosting that web hosts offer when running their businesses.
The best Ecommerce hosting companies in the industry are web hosts offering their clients reliable hosting services along with excellent customer support from the technical team that caters to the needs of their clients.
Such web hosting companies include: iPage web hosting, BlueHost web hosting company, Dream Host web hosting company, Host Monster web hosting company, Host Gator web hosting, In Motion web hosting, AN web hosting company, HostGator web hosting company, Host Monster web hosting, Yahoo Small Business and Cheap E-commerce hosting. Apart from being the best E-commerce hosting providers, these companies are also the most affordable E-commerce hosting providers in the industry.
All these companies have several features in common, for instance, the fact that they all offer reliable hosting services with network uptime statistics of up to 99.9%, excellent hosting speeds along with outstanding customer and technical support that can be reached throughout the day and night all year round. and well-performing equipment to top it all up.
On top of that, all these web hosts have similar E-commerce web hosting tools that go a long way in ensuring that these companies are the best E-commerce hosting providers in the industry. These E-commerce features include:

Zen Cart, Cube Cart, Os-commerce, Magento, Shop Site

which is an online store and better yet, they all either accept credit cards or are verified by international money transfer companies, for instance, Pay pal among others. All these features along with many others are incorporated in order to help promote professionalism and confidence of clients in their web hosts.
Godaddy provides e-commerce solutions. Recently, services of Godaddy has been raised to 45 million domains and more numbers are raising day by day. It helps beginners and provides tools for site creation for advanced developers. Godaddy's solutions support programming languages such as PHP, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion, CGI and frontpage extensions. It also includes raw access logs and statistics information.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) provides for the efficient transaction of recurrent trade exchanges between commercial organizations. EDI is widely used by, for example, large retail groups and vehicle assemblers when trading with their suppliers.

E-Commerce Working

The consumer moves through the internet to the merchant's website. From there, he decides that he wants to purchase something, so he is moved to the online transaction server, where all of the information he gives is encrypted. Once he has placed his order, the information moves through a private gateway to a Processing Network, where the issuing and acquiring banks complete or deny the transaction. This generally takes place in no more than 5-7 seconds.
There are many different payment systems available to accommodate the varied processing needs of merchants, from those who have a few orders a day to those who process thousands of transactions daily. With the addition of Secure Socket Layer technology, eCommerce is also a very safe way to complete transactions.

  1. Getting an Internet Merchant Bank Account is the first step involved in becoming eCommerce Enabled. 
  2. Web Hosting is the second step. 
  3. The third step is Obtaining a Digital Certificate. 
  4. Then the fourth step is Finding a Provider of Online Transactions. 
  5. And the last step is Creating or Purchasing a Shopping Cart Software.

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