Monday, May 21, 2018

avoid things before choosing host

Before choosing web host what things we should we should avoid?
We probably won't even know what has happened to make our traffic drop so dramatically. On top of all of this, a very cheap web hosting company will generally have very slow servers and common services will be denied because there is not enough bandwidth.
Our online business will almost certainly expand. We should be able to choose from different web hosting packages that will help us do this. Even better.
Web hosting companies should have a well-developed, informative and easy to navigate site. It's that simple. The site's Help features should be visible. Also we should have a way to contact them, and not just via email.
How many times have we seen this claim? Does it mean anything anymore? The truth is, most web hosting companies claim that they can deliver this. Very few offer real guarantees in the form of money back or similar guarantees to ensure our satisfaction, and gives us alternatives if they don't deliver. Don't let web hosting companies get away with this.
A good web hosting company will have a list of satisfied customers, and will welcome our contacting them to get references. we should know whom we are going into business with. If the web hosting company refuses our request to check references, still moving.

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