Monday, May 21, 2018

become a reseller host

Anyone who owns or handles multiple domain names should consider becoming a Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting plans - CPWebHosting of web hosting services. It also makes a good add-on service for certain businesses.
We probably know someone who has gone through this scenario, or more than likely we have been there ourself. We discover the Internet, and learn how easy it is to set up a website. We set up a personal one for ourself, and then another one for our business, buying different domain names.
Impressed, our family and friends ask we to help them set up their own websites, but they want us to handle the messy details (. Before you know it, We have a whole collection of domain names spread across several web hosting companies, each of them charging a monthly fee.
We are a graphic designer, and we create websites for our clients. We even maintain some of them. Butwe want to offer our clients something that will set we apart from all the rest of the HTML jockeys out there.
If it could be a service for which we can charge and add to our bottom line, so much the better.
Perhaps we own a business that, for whatever reason, needs more than one domain name. Or, instead of owning the business, we’re the webmaster of the company, and need to handle those domain names.
Like the person who has discovered the Internet and found himself more involved with it than he might have originally intended, we would like to cut our expenses not to mention the hassle of dealing with more than one web hosting company.
Whether we are an owner of multiple domain names for business purposes, an Internet hobbyist whose domain name collection is now a little out of hand, or the owner of a business with a natural tie in to the Internet, we might find that becoming a reseller of web hosting services solves many of our problems.
We don’t need to be in the business of web hosting to be a web hosting reseller. Many web hosting companies offer reseller accounts for a price that suits the budget of a serious hobbyist, while providing professional service.

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