Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Benefits of Reseller web hosting

I m a web designer and have a lot of websites. Now i want to online these all website, so I m looking for a Reseller web hosting account. can anyone tell me What are the benefits of reseller program?
In a Reseller web hosting account, u can host unlimited domain.
A reseller program provides an opportunity to start and maintain a business with a less starting cost. It means as you are a reseller, you can get additional income from your website.
There are many benefits to be a reseller. Some are as follows:-
• Minimal Initial Investment
• No need to maintain equipment
• Can set your own prices
• Can offer other services in conjunction with reselling
• Have access to hosting small, medium and large sites
• Do not need to update/upgrade at will
• Not need to have a large scale of technical knowledge
• Increased flexibility
• Saving on overall hosting costs

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