Monday, May 21, 2018

best features of a web host

How do we know a good web hosting service from a bad one? What features should we be looking for when choosing a web host? What is bandwidth or transfer? How much storage space do we really need?
Before doing business with anyone on the web that is going to be as important to our business as a web hosting company, we should do a search on the name of the company and look for criticisms, complaints, etc.
we should remember in mind no one has 100% satisfied customers and finding just one complaint on the web doesn't mean that the company is a bad one. However, if we find a lot of complaints, we would move on to the next provider.
The bandwidth and transfer question was have it's important also. Bandwidth and transfer are basically the same things. Some tech guy might know a difference but in reality, it must not be much different.
The size of our web pages in kilobytes plus the size of each graphic or other types of file that is served to the users' computer is the amount of transfer we are using. If our website will have a lot of graphics, movies, downloads, etc.,
How much storage space do we need? The storage space is no different than our computer's hard drive. If the web host offers 100 megabytes of storage space that is just like having a 100-megabyte hard drive. If our files are not more than 100 megabytes then that is plenty of storage.
How do we contact tech support there? Just email? Is there a phone number? Do they use support tickets? Do they have a chatroom or forum for tech support? How accessible our web hosting tech support is will determine how fast things get fixed when we have a problem.
Those three important issues, bandwidth, storage space, and tech support are not the only things we need to consider. Do they offer Cpanel or an easy to use control panel for managing our website?
How many databases can be created on our web hosting plan? How many do they allow? Do they offer instant install or install on demand features like picture galleries, content management systems, forums, blogs, or other website enhancements?

Importance of Control panel

Generally, every hosting provider provides some control panels which is very important for the controlling over the hosting site but I struck that what is the importance of these panels?

Almost all hosting companies provide control panels to their customers because
for managing domains, email accounts, design templates, site statistics, databases, marketing tools and much more.
Before choosing any of control panels this is very important to check it's some features like graphics means is it well in looks and handling, operations etc.
Supported Operative Systems that the operative system you're using is supported and optimized for. Most web hosts support Windows but if you're devoting your website in another OS then surely it will make a problem for you.
We are also very much concerned about extra facility or features provided by a host because if there is no use for that facility then our money will go to waste.
Our first priority should be to make sure you have everything you need. Additional features can then be considered a plus.

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