Monday, May 21, 2018

choosing host for business site

The differences between various business hosting services, and helps the clints for identify some important criteria in choosing a hosting provider for their business.
A business web site could range anywhere from a simple ecommerce site which sells one product, to a very complex pay per click engine with real time statistics and payment functionality.
All of the consolidation going on in the web hosting industry, there are still thousands upon thousands of hosting companies to choose from. If we visit some of their sites,we will see that each of them tout some features we may or may not of even heard of before.
The very first thing we must ask ourself is not which hosting company to choose but rather, WHY do we need a hosting company?
Our particular needs are crucial in determining the kind of hosting we need. Web Hosting comes in many different flavors and sizes, so its key that we shop for only the services we require or us will be paying for a lot of services that we don’t need.
When trying to decide which hosting company will best suit our needs be sure to ask ourself a few questions first,like
What kind of functionality will we require?
Some more questions like:
What will our traffic needs require?
How important are load times (if a majority of our visitors are global we might want to consider a hosting company that has a presence overseas as well as the U.S. – also we may want to consider a dedicated server as opposed to sharing a server with several other businesses)
A business site can range in price anywhere from the low end of something all the way up into the thousands of dollars per month. Features that usually catapult the price range are things like dedicated servers and bandwidth capacity.
Choosing a web host for our business needs is absolutely one of the most important decisions we can make. If our site is down, our business is down, end of story.
Some of the important questions we will want to make sure we ask any prospective hosting company before signing on the dotted line.
1. Do they offer a money back, no questions asked guarantee?
2. Do they offer an uptime guarantee?

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