Monday, May 21, 2018

choosing a reseller host

With the preparations finished, the business plans are done, and our site ready to launch, it's time to find a host. We may feel as if the tough decisions have all been made, but there is a critical one still ahead of us: picking a host.
Reseller hosts offer the most practical solutions, but it's imperative that we know what our reseller can and cannot offer us, and whether it is compatible with our company.
Essentially, resellers are middlemen or subcontractors for larger hosting companies, often their phone lines and equipment aren't even their own. They purchase space from larger companies.
Usually at a discount of about 30 percent, and then mark up the price that hosting companies offer to the consumer. The most reliable resellers are the ones who buy from established hosting companies, the host delivers reliability and innovation, and the reseller allows the parent host a chance to add more customers.
Websites that require NT hosting are slightly more expensive than those that use UNIX hosting, but, on average, resellers charge about some dollars per month.
Because of speed and user-friendliness are essential to e-commerce, we should ask detailed questions about our potential reseller's capabilities. How secure is the transaction or credit card software? Does the reseller have any offerings other than virtual storefronts?

What can the reseller do to strengthen our site? Outline potential disaster scenarios, and ask how the reseller how he or she would resolve each problem.

Most importantly, find out what support or backup systems the reseller offers in the event of a crash. Asking company for names of satisfied customers is another way to find out if the reseller can back up its claims.
It is always important to know how much one on one time we can expect. Some larger resellers may provide exceptional service or maybe on top of the latest trends but if they are spread too thin, they may hinder our site's performance by prioritizing another client's problems over ours, or by not giving us prompt service.
The communication shouldn't just be one way. our reseller should certainly keep We informed of new ways to attract visitors, or to enhance our site. Services like 24-hour support are also vital.
Like a casino, our site has no opening or closing time,so neither should its support team.If a reseller can meet our needs and enhance our site's capabilities, then it is the right company for the job.

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