Saturday, May 19, 2018

Data backup in hosting

Data is very important in any business whether it is online or offline. Data stored in our server cannot be lost as it puts a full stop to our business.So what is data backup strategy for hosting business?
If we lose data then we have to spend a lot money, time and effort to replace them. In some critical applications it is not even easy to replace the data. Hence a way of decision is to find some ways to retain our data. This is where Backup comes into scenario.
Data back-up is a process in which we save our valuable data to some remote server or in some media which can be used to restore them back when we need it.
We may face situations in which our application becomes corrupt or our data file is corrupted. Intentional damage, natural disasters, and hardware failure are some of the other situations which makes our lose our data.
Now if we concerned about the types of the backups then a periodic backup is necessary so that we do not lose much data when a contingency occurs. Data backup in web hosting industry is common and is also a must, since it face a lot of contingencies mentioned above.
With ever increasing viruses and worms we may not whenwe will lose our data. Hence taking backup of our data is a must in now days.
Any web hosting account that we purchase also comes up with a comprehensive backup scheme that can be used to backup the important data that we might have in the server.
If we have a site that has many users, then it is important that we also backup the data of our users also. Under such situations it is better to backup the site data and the users’ data separately so that we can restore which ever we want.
A backup can be incremental or full backup. Full backup is to take a backup of all the data available in the site, whereas the incremental backup is to take a backup of the data that has changed since the last backup.
these two types takes a lot of time and space to take a full backup of our site. Backup is taken usually in the tar format or the .gz format. Taking backups in these formats saves a lot of space and time.
Most of the web hosting services provides a backup plan which could be monthly, weekly, or daily basis. The data thus backed up is stored offline on a secure server.
Some services charge us for the backup services provided by them. Some of the hosting providers provide us the necessary tools to take a backup so that we can schedule backup on our own.

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