Sunday, May 20, 2018

'GoDaddy' Web Hosting

GoDaddy web hosting company possesses commenced acknowledging pre-registrations intended for some four new domain names. The prices that Go Daddy is charging their clients for these new domain names are quite high. These new domains are: .uno, .menu, .build, and .luxury. Go Daddy is the first web host to charge an upfront fee’s most domain registrars have been offering pre-registrations or pre-reservation services for their clients.

GoDaddy web hosting company recently selected Stefano Maruzzi being the new Go Daddy Vice President which represents three regions: The Middle East, Europe and Africa. He is reputed in the hosting industry, especially in Europe and has previously did wonders with key businesses like: Microsoft, Conde’ Nast and Google.

Godaddy web hosting company is currently carrying out a presence expansion project in Europe by opening up a customer care center that caters for its European clients. The Europe customer care center should be complete in late spring 2014 and start operations soon after. The customer care center in Europe will offer clients customers support in 14 different languages which can be just excellent.

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