Wednesday, May 23, 2018

good news for the job seekers belong to IT background or software field

As the unemployment is increasing at a very fast rate and there are so many unemployed people in this country that are looking for the jobs, inspite of having good qualification and talent. In these circumstances, there is good news for the job seekers belong to IT background or software field.
A software company “Benefitfocus” based at Berkeley is planning to offer jobs to around 1200 people, because they are expanding themselves to the Daniel Island headquarters. For the groundbreaking ceremony of the new building, the company has invited Govt. Nikki Haley on Tuesday, 17 th of Dec, 2013. After this expansion, the size of the company’s headquarters will become three times that of the current one. They are planning to open the building in 2015 and will also provide walking paths and connectivity between buildings.
The software company Benefitfocus was founded in the year 2000 in a single office in Mount Pleasant. Their main aim is to help the companies to manage benefits for their workers, which company is providing to them and to fulfil this purpose; they provide software to these companies.
Another news also come to known from the newspaper as the staff and officials of the company told them that the state is offering $30 million in the form of incentives to the company if the company hits all of its hiring and capital investment goals. South Carolina gave $10 million in the form of incentives to the Benefitfocus and the company beat its promises on jobs by 50 percent.
According to the senior officers of the company, Benefitfocus is having a lot of space to expand its business. Out of 18000 large employers working in the United States, less than 400 are on the company's software platform.

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