Monday, May 14, 2018

Host one domain name with one hosting account

If your web host only allows you to host 1 domain name with 1 hosting account, Your Web Host Is Making You A Fool!

If you own multiple websites and you are hosting each of them with a different hosting account, you are paying too much! You can actually host all your websites into one single hosting account and save a lot of money. This type of hosting account is called “multiple domains hosting” account, which just get popular recently.

The web hosting industries are now switching to the next important trend. Many web hosts have started to offer multiple domains hosting account. What that means is that you can host multiple websites under 1 hosting account! You don't need to pay for a full account if you want to host more websites.

Multiple domains hosting a very important trend because nowadays, most web hosts are offering an incredible amount of disk space and bandwidth with their hosting account. Unfortunately, the client is only allowed to host one website with each giant hosting account. And the reality is that most clients don't even use up to 10% of their disk space and bandwidth!

If you already have a hosting account, think about it, how much percentage of the disk space and bandwidth are you utilizing now?

I strongly believe that these web hosts are throwing in the big offer as a marketing strategy to attract the consumers by exploiting consumers 'the more the better' mindset. Consumers don't realize that the 'large space' and 'large bandwidth' is practically useless, as they will probably never use most of the 'advertised' resources. They are simply being lured into the marketing gimmicks.

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