Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hosting Account Information

When you first opened reseller hosting account or shared hosting account, you received an e-mail with your account information. This e-mail provides you with everything you need to access and publish to your new web account.

Resources Allocate

Disk quota is the total server disk space allocated to all your web sites. There should always be several megabytes (MB) of unused space on your account to ensure correct performance of statistics reporting utilities, such as Webalizer or Modlogan. Disk quota does not include mail and database quotas.
Traffic limit is the gigabytes (GB) of transferred data you pre-pay for at the beginning of the billing period. Every month our system checks if you stay within the limit, and if you do not, we charge you for the excess. Then your traffic is reset.
Example: If your billing period is two months long and started on the 5th of October, the first billing month will end on the 5th of November, and your total traffic will be reset. However, if you change your total traffic limit on the 15th of November, your traffic will be reset and a new billing month will start.

Default Page

There is a default web page placed in your web folder, which you can also use as a login page, until you overwrite the page with your web site index.html page. You can always login to your control through our main site.
At any time, you can open a support ticket through your control panel as well. This is the way we address all support issues. Hosting company respond quickly and have the ability to assign the best support representative to your inquiry while tracking and measuring our levels of support.

FTP Accounts

To upload your site to the server.
Change Control Language
Control Panels supports multi-language, you can change to your native language.
Control Panel Look and Navigation.
Different skins offer different control panel navigation.

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