Monday, May 21, 2018

hosting business

Planning our web hosting business is the good deal but question is how can we start this business?
Web hosting was a business just like any other. Sure, it has its own unique challenges, but we want to approach it as a business.
We also mentioned the six parts one usually finds in a business plan: the executive summary, the enterprise, the market, operations, organization, and key risks/timeline. Since we did not have the room to cover all six in the previous article, we covered the first three.
The executive summary gets written last because we need the information in the rest of the plan to fill in the information. It provides an overview. It should include what the company is about, who the founders are, and what our “vision” is. It should explain the market opportunity.
If we are using our business plan to seek funding, it should also explain what we plan to do with our funding. It should also cover where we are now and where we hope to be in the future.
The enterprise describes our company’s product or service and what its advantage is in the marketplace. With so many different web hosting companies in the field, this is particularly important.
A great deal of detail about the section that covers the market. And rightfully so if we hope to compete, we’d better do our homework. We need to know the industry, our market size, our niche, who our competitors are, and how we will reach our customers, among other things.
It’s to help us understand that there’s work to be done, and research is our friend.
We will cover the remaining three parts of a business plan: operations, organization, and key risks/timeline. While these parts may not seem as important as, say, the market section of our business plan, they will give us and anyone who reads the plan a better handle on how the company is projected to operate on a day to day basis.

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