Thursday, May 17, 2018

how can change the first host without loosing it?

I would like to go for change the host but don't want to lost first one?
This task is possible but this total task can be accomplished only through the different steps by following these steps we can get the task in avery easy manner.
In the initiative step first of all copy all the pages from the host server but this is advisable don't be copy the pages which is already exists on your computer we can use Get command if we are using dreamweaver.
Contact the domain name registrar and change the Domain Name Server or Name Server information to our new hosts DNS information.
Our site is going for a downtime while our DNS record is being changed and propagated through the world's WHOIS servers.
When we are sure about domain name has been transferred, upload the files to our new Web Host.
Dreamweaver – define our site first, and then use the PUT command to transfer all our files and html pages. This will ensure that our whole web will remain intact with the transfer.
Dreamweaver or frontpage editors make it very easy to transfer html web pages. They keep most, if not all our web site for the transfer.
Another way to transfer our web pages is to copy the source code by right clicking on the page as we see it when we visit the site and select 'view/source'. It will come up on Notepad.
Select 'file/save as' and save it to a place of our choice as an HTML file. To do this, at the bottom of the box just before we save it, it will '.txt'. Change the drop menu to 'all files'
and then change the '.txt' at the end of the name we're saving it as to '.html', then save it. We will then have a complete page ready to load to wherever we want. We can separately install the images also.
If suppose our website is not looking like it is on first host then it can be missing of some html tags then through front page we can append the these tags.
Once the domain name and our web site files have been transferred, we should check that all services are working on the our new Host like email services, etc. If it’s working correctly, then we can cancel all our remaining services with our previous hosting service.

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