Thursday, May 17, 2018

how many types of web hosting?

generally I have found that web hosting reffered by two types but I am looking for what kind of these types & what are these?
Mainly one kind of type of web hosting is virtual hosting.In this kind of type generally a main hosting server hosts a lot of sites but in other hand it has a very down speed,low working capability.
In virtual web hosting security is the main concerned this is less secure, as well as giving you less access to edit things on the server as well as if you concerned about upgradation such as installing & updating the system software.
But if we considers it's best plus sides then we can go for it's rate which is cheaper comparatively other servers and easy to use for administrator.
On a Dedicated Server, you have the entire machine you are the handler. This is fast, secure than virtual server . You can install any program as for as can make any changes as per your requirement .If a site considering lot of visitors then this is very beneficial for them.
If we more gone through with dedicated server we will find that use a lot of system resources , if you are holding very important data, or if you need special software then this will be very beneficial.
So we can understand that why dedicated server is more beneficial for us because Your site gets so many hits that can't be handled by virtual server it.
we can host many sites on the one server.
we have a special features than virtual server.
It provide a high level of security.

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