Monday, May 21, 2018

ideas of marketing hosting site

Stuck for ways to get the word out about our web hosting business? features a number of them, including some we might not have thought of before.
what idea we can follow for marketing of hosting site?
When we’re too close to something, we sometimes get caught thinking in one particular way. That’s why we hear the phrase “think outside the box” so much, especially when people are trying to solve problems related to business.
To tackle a problem in a number of different ways at once—and that’s very true for advertising our web hosting business, for the prosperity of the business is very important.
our web hosting business is already a “going concern” – we have the technical skills and the server in place, we’ve at least started to hire customer support people so we have some breathing room, we have our company’s website set up, and so on.
To get more customers, we need to reach the people who might be interested in our service and convince them that we can offer them something they want that they can’t get anywhere else. How do we go about that?
Start by honestly considering what it is we have to offer that they can’t get somewhere else. Are our hosting packages larger than anyone else’s? Is our service better? Do you have some special knowledge from which they can benefit?
If we’re having trouble figuring out how to answer some question, ask yourself what we would want someone to remember about our business after they have had contact with it, whether it’s through poking around our website.
Once we know what makes us different from the rest of the pack, we have a focus to keep in mind when we start promoting our web hosting business to people.

Marketing your site is very important on the web. Here are some useful tips:

  • Submit your site to as many search engines as possible. 
  • Try finding websites with similar themes and make deals to create reciprocal links. 
  • Create an advertising banner and purchase space from a popular website to display it. 
  • Put your URL in the signature file of your email and the header of all business correspondence.
  • Word of mouth is very powerful on the Net; tell all of your friends about your page. Avoid spamming - it is a sure way to get a very bad reputation.

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