Monday, May 21, 2018

Internet marketing based hosting

The issue of getting a hosting account. If we are serious about Internet marketing, we'll need our own website because trying to run a business off other people's web pages just doesn't work.
Though we can rely on affiliate pages to do the work, should we? Everyone else uses those pages. We can use a free blog, too, but will it be the best blog for Internet marketing? The best blog is one hosted on our own server because we can then customize it according to the needs of our business.
The worst type of hosting, though, is free hosting. The sites weget from places like Angelfire and Tripod are great for personal websites, but they suck for business.

Those self-serving ads that the free services house on our free website will allow us no credibility as an Internet marketing business because people just won't take usseriously.
There's no way around paying for a monthly subscription to a hosting service. Don't buy the cheapest or the most expensive. What we recommend is cPanel hosting.

Though some considerations don't seem like such a big deal to we now, they will be and we need to plan our Internet marketing business out before we start. Decide how much bandwidth we're going to need.

Be sure to consider the options. Choice of a web host is a very important consideration. We want a reliable host with almost 100% uptime and that has good support.
Having a good web host is important with Internet marketing because we can't make money when our website is down.
One that will make sure we never have to worry, and learn more about getting a web host at Tellman''s List Building Club, where it''s all explained on video.

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