Thursday, May 17, 2018

Is we desigen site for all kind of browser?

Most of the site designers cant make a unique site for all kind of browsers but they designed the site as per given platform and whether the given language means it's very hard to make a unique site as per all uses.
We can understand this thing with a simple example that if we considering a site which is designed for windows98 internet explorer but what will be happen if this browser will get changed then surely it will make a problem for thosands of the visitors.
A recent statistic we saw that 12% of internet users were Macintosh users. So these are only be optimally viewed by one in eight of regular customers.Furthermore, not all of the Windows users are using Windows 98. As well as Windows 95 continues to be broadly used, and Windows 2000 and NT represent a limited percentage of visitors.
If we consider the Microsoft internet explorer then this is used by lot of customers but if we consider the Netscape then it has a wide range of the visitors on other hand lotus notes have only special kind of email or business atmosphere.

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