Monday, May 21, 2018

justify the bandwidh and size for hosting

Assessing the size of our site so we don't pay for more hosting than we need.So how can we justify the size and bandwidth required?
Many web hosts try to sell us a large amount of web hosting space that then costs us a lot each month. However, we may not need this much space. Have we ever calculated just how much disc space (MB) our web site uses? Do we really need an expensive hosting solution for our web site?
For my first web site, we purchased 20mb of disc space and surprised if this would be enough as we added pages to it. Recently we checked the size of this site which had grown to over 20 pages. To my surprise the size was only 3,269KB. This means it only uses a little over 3Mb of disk space.
Most of peoples's sites also only use 2-3Mb. Therefore it is not necessary to purchase a large amount of space for a small site . Are we paying too much for the actual space we need?
First we need to understand how file size is measured. The smallest unit on a computer is a bit. One bit is one electronic on or off pulse. 8 bits compose together make one byte. One byte of information can put a letter, such as “A” on our screen.
If we put 1024 bytes together and then we have one unit of information called a kilobyte. Put 1024 kilobytes together and we have a megabyte. Most of our graphics and web pages are measured in bytes or kilobytes.
To determine our total site file size, right click on the root folder where our web site is housed – this will not only give us the total site size but also how many files and folders are contained in our site.
If we use an editor, such as FrontPage, go to the reports view, click on the site summary and we will get a reading of the total site file size. In Dreamweaver, just use the special method .

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