Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Making money from reselling web hosting

I want to make money reselling web hosting. I see two paths: Be an affiliate and get money from simple referrals. Be a reseller and buy services and resell them.
which one is better?
The easiest option is to be an affiliate.
You must be prepared to give support if you are going to be a reseller.
Unless you have some sort of passion to become a real web host and learn the business inside and out I would suggest you become an affiliate.
If u have so much time to invest in business then go with Reseller web hosting otherwise Affiliate program.
Start as an affiliate and get your feet wet, then decide if you want to become a reseller.
affiliates can be effective if you are a web designer and you are referring your design clients to a host while not having to worry about the maintenance and support of your clients and their accounts.
An affiliate account is not the best way to maximize income through web hosting.
I would suggest you don't bother with affiliate programs. Anyone who knows anything about hosting will see that you are an affiliate and just go straight to the source. The only good thing about affiliate programs is that you do not have to support the clients.

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