Saturday, May 26, 2018

MediaFire operating systems

Mediafire, provide services related to file hosting has introduced the application named as MediaFire Desktop for operating systems such as Windows. The application is like DropBox and it is very beneficial for the users  who wanted to upload their files directly from their desktop to the cloud and also wanted to share their files with others.

Mediafire desktop is having the same features, as found in the Dropbox, but with one additional advantage, it offers their customers 50 GB of free cloud storage. MediaFire Desktop offers several features such as it updates all of your media to the cloud on automated basis. It will keep the record of all your activities on itself such as messages received related to the status of systems, new files received, if any updation is done to the files by other users and many more. It also allows their users to share and collaborate with others from their own desktop.

It also provide embedded link for sharing the online blogging platforms. It also provides support to the social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Google plus etc. It also organizes your files on the basis of edit history, date and type. It also provides you with automatic duplicate removal feature. Mediafire annotate, capture and share a desktop screen-shot on the instant basis. It also provide you with audio and video transcoding on automated basis and providing support for more than 200 viewable formats of file. Mediafire Desktop wanted to take the benefits of the existing synergies, to become an important player in the space.

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