Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Miva Merchant is a third-party e-commerce solution

Miva Merchant is a third-party e-commerce solution that gives access to the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store.
How Does It Work? and is it trusted
Miva is a trusted e-commerce solution provider, enabling tens of thousands of online businesses across the internet. Miva kit is based on a solid foundation of proven proprietary technology, supported by an established network of e-commerce hosts, solution developers, and store designers.
Miva Merchant requires Miva Empresa for web server XML scripting, e-commerce and database capabilities. Like all third-party commercial products, Miva Empresa and Miva Merchant are purchased and installed separately.
how does Miva work:-

1. A user logs into the control panel and activates the Miva resource.
2. H-Sphere finds an available license in the database and allocates it to this user.
3. The CGI-bin and mivadata directories are created inside the user's site directory if only they haven't been created earlier.
4. miva.cgi is copied into the cgi-bin directory.
5. miva.cgi is registered in the config file, in which the mivaroot and mivadata variables are defined. mivaroot is configured to be the same as DocumentRoot for Miva-enabled site. mivadata is defined as the mivadata directory outside this user's site.
6. Permissions to these directories along with their content are changed.
7. Now the user can activate Miva Merchant. Miva Merchant is created using a web-based form containing the fields required by Miva Merchant, though a user can activate the original Miva Merchant installer by entering his site URL followed by /cgi-bin/mivavm?/Merchant2/setup.mvc or his site URL followed by /Merchant2/setup.mvc.

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