Monday, May 21, 2018

more about become a reseller host

We’re the webmaster of more than one website. We design websites for clients. our business needs more than one site. Is a web host reseller account for us?
What is a web host reseller account?
A web host reseller account is a web hosting account that allows we to create hosting packages to sell to our clients. we can also host multiple sites of our own using the disk space allotted to the one hosting account.
Companies come with a reseller level control panel that allows us to create our own packages.
We can allocate disk space and bandwidth to each site on the account and change the space and bandwidth specifications if the site’s needs change.
Most reseller accounts provide the option for private nameservers (also called private label, personalized nameservers, or virtual nameservers). For example, if our reseller account is with SomeName Hosting and our company name is ExampleName Services.

With a web host reseller account, we handle account setup, billing, and support for our clients. Our web host provider maintains the servers and answers our support questions.
A few starter resellers hosting packages are as small as 500 MB, reseller providers offer packages starting at 1 GB or larger. A range of packages is usually available, a few going as high as 30 GB of disk space.
If we have more than one website and the total disk space we need is 500 MB or more, we can benefit from having a reseller account. The cost for web hosting is lower than if we have individual accounts for each site. Also, we can adjust the disk space and bandwidth allocations for each site.
A reseller account is also useful for people who provide related services. If we’re a web designer, for example, why stop at designing sites? Provide our clients with web hosting under our company name, and we continue to earn revenue from our web design clients.

If we offer 30 100-MB packages at some dollars a month, we could earn up to some dollars a month from that reseller account. Add on additional services such as search engine optimization and website maintenance, and our revenue increases again.

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