Monday, May 21, 2018

multimedia hosting

We have a most uniquely designed website about the most wonderful product we have innovated, But a product is a product when people are willing to pay for it otherwise it's a museum piece. So what is multimedia hosting?
They must know that we have this up to our sleeve. The only way to increase sales is to reach as many people as we can with our message.
This is the relevance of web hosting, rather, its more refined sibling, multimedia hosting. We need to upload our website on the internet, but there must somebody to provide the space where our file will reside.
Multimedia hosting companies provide us the much-required space and of course connectivity so that netizens may visit our site and can get in touch with us.
We need our website to be always available, don’t we? It means we don’t want our visitors to be greeted with that icy cold message ‘Internet Explorer can't show the webpage.’
We must choose a host who guarantees 99.9% uptime. But be careful before we sign up any kind of agreements because it is not against our business way.
There will always be server restarts and emergency maintenance in hosting niche. And another catch in their claim is they may refer only to a server being powered on and not factor in the network downtime.
Real downtime may be substantially more than the percentage claimed by the hosting company. So, don’t forget to include a downtime indemnity clause in the contract. We must bargain for maximum web space. Search for the best alternative but don’t plonk for the cheapest, we might end up with acres of space but an agonizingly high downtime.
he other issues to be tackled is bandwidth. It signifies how fast our visitors can access our files. In web hosting, bandwidth is consumed every time contact is made to our website.
Whether the hosting company is still relying on T1 or T3 connections or has updated to OC1. It would be fantastic if they have OC3 or OC12 lines. Some hosting companies also have OC48 connections to the internet backbone.

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