Wednesday, May 23, 2018

news for several chief executives working in the technology companies

There is a news for several chief executives working in the technology companies, it is expecting next year i.e. 2014 will going to be an action packed year for them. It is expecting that the New Year 2014 will be the year of wearable technology, as 2013 was consider as the year of mobile technology.
2013 is good for the consumer electronics, as they ruled the roost in the world of technology. Companies such as Google enter into the enterprise computing world and also came out with wearable technology; Samsung gave a very tough competition to the companies like Amazon and Apple.
In 2014 the major changes are not expecting but it is expected that the lines between consumer and enterprise technology will be blurred, as usage patterns change. It is expected the lines between consumer and enterprise technology will be blurred, as usage patterns change.
If we talk about the several chief executives, then among all of them Apple's Timothy Cook is on the top. He was not very innovative or vocal like Steve Jobs their ex-CEO but he has ensured that the company maintains its market cap. Actually Cook was less concerned about innovation, instead of this he mainly focuses on the upgrades.
If we go through the reports of media, then 2014 could be different- Apple may finally unveil the wraps around the iWatch. The company filed a trademark for the word 'iWatch' in several countries in July’2013. It also filed 79 patents containing the word 'wrist'. According to the Cook, wearable technology is a major area of interest.
It is predicted that a bigger iPhone6 or an iPad with a bigger screen may launch by an Apple. This is expecting because other smart phone companies or companies in the same field have been gaining market share in this segment, thus Cook is required to take some decision on iPhones with big screen. There are some developments also taking place on the size of the screen of the iPad, which are closely observing by all. With a large screen, the iPad will compete in the laptop segment.
Google glass  is offered by the Google for $1,500 this year i.e. in 2013 to the handful of developers and technology enthusiasts, there is buzz a public release is likely early next year. Consumer technology has some other uses, it is redefine by the Google Glass, because it allows the user to click the pictures and take videos either through voice commands or touch controls. It is also expecting that in 2014 Google may announce a clear strategy on its hardware offerings, with Motorola being the centre of action. In the market Google offers Nexus 4 and 5, complete and economical smart phones, it will make sense if the search giant focuses more on its hardware strategy.
According to the Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, 2013 was all about Windows 8, though the acquisition of Nokia made news, too. In 2014, the biggest news for the company is their next CEO. The Company will going to make an announcement on their next CEO. The company’s board of directors has indicated that they may announce the new CEO of the company in the beginning of the 2014. For the post, decision is under process for the final candidate as several names are in the mind of the board of directors , including internal candidates such as enterprise chief Satya Nadella and strategy head Tony Bates, and Nokia's Stephen Elop. It is required on the part of next CEO that they have to focus on Windows 8 and also convenience their enterprises and all their staff members to use Windows 8, instead of Windows 7 which they are using earlier, as support for the XP comes to an end next year.
Micromax is the mobile phone manufacturer will be tracked closely. It sought to be a serious player in the highly competitive global smart phone market and In India, it is already giving a tough competition to Samsung who is having the second-largest market share in the smart phone segment .
Another area in which action is required is the technology start-ups. According to Zinnov, India will become the second-largest technology start-up ecosystem in the world. As there are large numbers of stakeholders who are supporting start-ups, India is on the road to a new age for technology entrepreneurs.

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