Monday, May 14, 2018


Web pages used to be simple affairs, where everything you needed to do could be done in HTML but now Web pages can be more complex and customers expect more from web pages. Terms like PHP and ASP now compete with HTML when starting a web page and it can be hard to figure out what option best suits your needs.

PHP, Personal Home Pages has more support on the internet than ASP - Active Server Pages. An advantage of PHP is that it's based on UNIX, giving it more cross-platform capability than ASP.
Windows servers do tend to be unstable and prone to failures, are more likely to be attacked by viruses, Trojans, and exploits. Linux servers, on the other hand, are much more stable and the attacks windows servers suffer in a daily basis are non-existent in Linux.

Putting it all together, the power, the cost, flexibility, stability, and support of PHP is far superior to that of ASP. If you're going to commit to building the best web page you can, commit to using the best tools you can.

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