Saturday, May 19, 2018

podcast hosting

Podcast hosting is the most important part and first for anybody who wants to start to create a podcast.But how it's working strategy?

The podcasts, which they need a location to store the files and keep the feed file that will tell their subscribers about the new episodes available.

One of the first things required is a domain name where the website will be located. Many domain registrars are available who will help one register a domain name for a small fee.
Once if the domain is registered, hosting is required, and again there are many different companies willing to do the hosting for a small fee.

One of the company is, but many others are available. When looking for a host, the most important thing is to make sure that a lot bandwidth and storage space is available and cheap.
Podcasting deals with large media files, a lot of disk space will be taken up storing the files and bandwidth will be used quickly when they are downloaded by the subscribers.

Once podcast hosting has been developed, it needs to be used and the website needs to be set up. The DNS addresses of the website need to be set to the addresses that the host provides us so that the servers that the internet will know where our website is located.

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