Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Qualities, which should be there in a reseller hosting company


What I think, should be the quality of the Reseller hosting company is that it must:
1. it must cover all web hosting expenses, as well as the billing fees also there should be no setup charges.
2. Must provide 24/7 technical support when there is a problem to my customers, and there should be also the reliability of the services. Support members must be stable, I mean, that they must have age-old experience with the company. And most important is that they must be taking the responsibility of giving the support in a very short time.
3. Only the brand name of the web hosting company should be revealed.
I largely agree with all of those, particularly the second point. Unfortunately, all too many companies that offer reseller hosting neglect the fact that their clients may also have clients themselves that rely on their site being available. Serious problems may require the server administrators attention, frustrating resellers and their clients who may not know what is going on and when their site will be available again. Those offering reseller packages must ultimately be responsible and offer a *qualified* technician 24/7.
I'm not too concerned about a setup fee - If you're getting a secure account and a high level of customer service, I don't mind paying that bit extra. I do object to having to pay for necessary additions though, such as extra IP addresses - Since when has a single IP address been enough to host clients and two or three branded nameservers? I know we have to justify IP usage, but you'd of thought that would be included in the initial setup.
I too agree for the most part, and yes each reseller needs to have a qualified tech support person available, as I know that I would rather my clients deal with me or my tech support than with the hosting company directly.
I say this because it is ultimately your business at risk, and if you are not telling your customers up front that you are hosting through another company they will be rather upset when they find out.
You can always find ways to explain without giving full details when it comes to service problems.

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