Monday, May 21, 2018

quality host

hi, time ago I have changed my host due to a problem in the my
site uptime now my new host again has the same problem, so please tell me how can I choose a perfect or quality host?
Free hosting services aren't interested in your business or how hard you've worked to design your website and create a steady stream of traffic. Their main concern is their business.
When selecting a professional web host your first consideration should be the company. Check out their background. Talk to some of their customers and ask
them if they've been satisfied with their service.
There are again a lot of questions about new host that:
How many customers do they serve?
what is their uptime percentage?
Do they require you to make payments in advance?
Do they charge set up fees?
How is their customer support? Test them.
Do they offer fast connections?
Do they offer shopping cart software to process
your orders?
Can you upgrade free of charge?
Web hosting prices vary greatly. When selecting your host, make sure you're getting exactly what you're paying for. Keep in mind, a lower monthly rate will
not benefit you if your site is down a lot, slow, or customer service is poor.
Selecting a professional web host is a very important decision. Make sure you do your homework and ensure the host you select offers exactly what you need.

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