Monday, May 21, 2018

Reasons to choose a host

Choosing a web hosting provider is different for everyone. Every website has a specific set of needs and we have to find a web host that provides the needs that are specific to our website.
When choosing a web hosting service. These are not necessarily in the order of priority, because as we said every website has different needs and our priorities might not be the same as the next website owner.
Tech Support in any business venture is always important. As a website owner though, the tech support that our web hosting service provides is going to be crucial to our business. If our website is offline or not working properly it will cost we sales.
If we have been buying traffic to our website and it goes offline, we are still being charged for all of those visits to our website, which they never experienced. The money we are spending on our ad campaign, AdWords program or other traffic sources is going right down the drain.
Feedback Forums that provides a forum, message board, or chat room to discuss hosting issues or to get help in is more likely to get a user to use their web-hosting services.
If our web-hosting service only offers one package, it's a bad sign in most cases. What happens as our web business grows and so do our web hosting needs? If they offer upgrades to dedicated servers, larger storage and bandwidth plans, and a lot of other options, then we can feel confident choosing them as our web hosting provider.
Storage Space is usually only an issue with websites that will be offering users a lot of downloads such as music or software. The average website can get by with about 10 megabytes of storage, but again we want a room to grow, plus we can actually use our storage to back up files from our computer.

Bandwidth or Transfer is the size of every file visitors to our website download automatically to their computers each time they visit. The average webpage is around 30k and then we add the graphics and other files that are displayed to the user and we get our bandwidth or transfer usage.
The average website can get by on less than 10 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. However, if we are offering downloads like software, music, and movies, or we are going to be driving a lot of traffic to our website, we may want to choose a plan that offers us more bandwidth.
Easy to use Control Panel is one of the most popular control panels for web hosts to offer, but there are others. It's important to ask what type of control panel our web host is offering to provide?

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