Monday, May 21, 2018

require a web host

Should we spend some money to get a web hosting solution for our business or get one for free?
The big moment has finally arrived. Our business is now on the verge of taking the next step forward. It will establish a web presence. This is an important step as from now on our business is able to reach more customers, is able to get more exposure, and hopefully enjoy online recognition.
Space, bandwidth and domain name all come with a cost, but there is a possibility to get them all for free. Resource management principles will probably tell us to choose the free solution.
Nowadays the cost for web hosting services is very reasonable partially because of the technological progress, partially because of the stiff competition on the web hosting market.
Therefore a literally free hosting service would mean no restraints, no expenses and no restrictions for the user. Webmasters would design only limited by their imagination and skills. All the space and the bandwidth we would possibly ask for at no cost whatsoever.
Indeed nothing in this world comes without a price, even if it is not apparent. And the price we must pay for free web hosting comes in many forms, as free web hosting providers must pay too for bandwidth, not to mention other costs.
Some free web hosts require us to have one of their banners on our web site, others place pop up adds, or flashing advertising messages.

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