Monday, May 21, 2018

reseller busness hosting

A lot of people have considered getting into the reseller web hosting business because they heard it was an easy way to make a lot of money. If we're thinking along these lines ourself.
Reseller web hosting is easy. With the various control panels available, even those who are practically phobic about technology can run their own reseller web hosting business.
It simply comes down to the math, once the monthly fees from our customers cover the monthly fee we pay our hosting company, everything else is profit.
We have to do is sit back and watch our bank account expand as the money comes rolling in. After all, we’re working for ourself, not somebody else, so we won’t have anyone on our back.
What we think it is like to run a reseller web hosting business, think again. Anyone who owns their own business will tell us that it is a lot of hard work, and that there is no such thing as fast, easy money.
The things we must consider as we set up our own reseller web hosting business. It is a basic article, but it should get we thinking along the correct lines.
If someone we know is planning to go into the web hosting reseller business, and seems to think it will be a lot less work than whatever they’re doing now, we might want to hand them this article in addition to that one.
We see, there are a lot of misconceptions about what is involved in running a reseller web hosting business.The mistaken ideas that many novices have about running such a business.

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