Thursday, May 17, 2018

secret of fabulous and mediocre web hosting companies?

Provides 99.9% uptime
Mediocre web hosting companies not only provides the web space on which you can host your web site but also help you to set up your own email addresses and provide you with the ability to run your own scripts and programs.
A web site hosting service that helps you add new domains for a small fee without having to pay any additional monthly fee. So you can host many domains and still pay one monthly fee, thus saving you money.
A web hosting service that contains a built-in anti-virus software so that any virus containing emails you receive will be automatically deleted.
Which provides you nice Eye Candy control panel to help you manage your site.
Which can set up an unlimited number of follow-up auto responders. So we can automatically follow-up with our prospects and send them a series of emails one after the other on any day we prefer.
A web site hosting service that helps you set up junk mail filters so that any junk mail that you receive is filtered out before they reach your account.
A web site hosting service that has great costumer support. Fast response is important is this field.

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